Wednesday, February 28, 2007


How is it possible to fall in love with someone you have not met?

Pardon my random musing. But I can't get this question out of my head for now! Hah. Someone please help me figure this out.

Lately, I chanced upon some of Avril Lavigne's old songs while clearing my old hard drive. And I must say that I'm still - and now - enjoying the sound of the acoustic guitar and her chic rock vocals the same way I did when I was studying for my O levels some donkey years back. And I honestly feel like a bearded moutain ogre beside a coed though I think I might appear pretty much like a student too. Hah! I remember during my secondary 4 days, I would memorize my biology text at Mac Donalds with Avril's Complicated on repeat mode exhilaratingly blasting in my ears. That song was the number one song on the charts and trust me when I say that every person I knew could sing the chorus.

Oh how time flies .. Now even some of my peers are married with kids.

And ohhh, UNSW offers Bachelor of Media!


I'm ubberly poor now because I just bought the most coveted Meastro EA-2 acoustic guitar. And I'm almost living on air and metal scraps everyday till the next payday.

Nevertheless, I thank God because .. I'm performing at BEN & JERRYS' again this March 16 at THE CATHAY PLAZA. So if you're free, please drop by at 9pm to treat yourself to some wonderful music and fabulous ice cream. Hoho!

And I'm loving Avril Lavigne's Keep Holding On. You guys should take a listen to it. I'm sync-ing into my iPod tonight. And I just installed Skype on my Mac. Now the whole world can talk for free! Add me @ hyperkevin if you wish to chat or anything! Hah.

So much for now!


Sunday, February 25, 2007


I have to apologize for depriving you guys from my interesting and wonderful entries lately! Haha! My statscounter has suggested that you have been faithfully logging on to my site. Oh my! ((:

Jokes aside, I thank God that I've found a pretty good spot (at the comfort of my own home) where the airwave signals are pretty good. Luke 11:11 says: If a son shall ask bread of any of you that is a father, will he give him a stone? or if he ask a fish, will he for a fish give him a serpent? Oh how God provides for his children! SMIRK! Okay, this leeching thingy is a little dogey though! But let's give thanks in all circumstances! Hah!

Anyway, the Cultural Mandate sermon series has been such a blessing to me and has since resolved many serious doubts and dispelled my legalistic mindset. Thank God AGAIN!

Also, several events have been taking place and I've only found the time to collate the photos this evening. So enjoy!

And some really cool videos taken!

Chasing Cars Cover

Ai Hen Jian Dan Cover Spoof

Thursday, February 22, 2007


A BIG thank you to all who came to support us at Ben & Jerry's yesterday!

We promise we'll play better the next time! Heheh (=

Monday, February 19, 2007


My ex girlfriend wished me on MSN, " Happy New Year! "

And I returned the greeting and further added, "Wish you all the best with your bf, and all the guys after him"

She went, "right .."

MUHAHHAH! *evil*


Looks like my router is not gonna be back till about a week later due to CNY ::(

And I'm not proud of say that I'm enjoying skiming off unsecure networks by the pool cus it makes me feel like a thief. But desperate situation calls for desperate measures?

Ha! Nevertheless, it is everyone's responsibilty to fend off potential intruders by securing his network. Curently, there are three modes of protection namely - WEP, WPA and MAC Address Filtering which I think is the safest. Do a search on CRACK WEP on google and and be very surprised to see step by step tutorials that will offer to teach you to hack.

Look people, you don't blame the ants from creeping into your uncovered cookie jar, do you?

It seems that men of the 21st century is technologically dependent!

PS: And Von, I need my cds back! I'm borrreeddd..

Saturday, February 17, 2007


I'm so proud that I have actually tidied part of my room. You know that it's rare these days that guys actually do up their room. Smirk smirk! Being the cheuvenistic pigs, they usually leave the domestic chores at home to their mothers, maids or girlfriends. And that's probably why God mandates for man to marry a women. Besides being an intimate companion, helper and a child bearer, a wife also does the job of a mother and a maid. Thank God for his providence and the sparkling clean houses that we daily enjoy!

Having said all that, men aren't exactly good-for-nothing bums who merely sit on their butts all day watching television and munching off to nachos. On our part, we fix the leaking sink taps, wire the home cordless phone, mend the garden, feed the fishes, provide the necessities and love to our families and also bring forth a good spirit of dominion into our homes.

HA. Some revelation eh?

Once, I asked Ping this, "how's it like to have sisters?"

He replied, "man you don't wanna know!"

So one night ago as I slept over at his place, I had a personal experience of his sister's crankiness in the morning. And it's kinda scary as I think about it. =X

Some photos taken yesterday!


I actually laid hands on my router.

No, it still did not work. Argghh ..

Friday, February 16, 2007


For the record, my wireless router is now officially down for the first time due to my ambitious (but proven fatal however) attempts to tweak its settings to boost better performance. And after spending more than 90 minutes waiting on the phone with Starhub's helpdesk and several silly attempts rectifying the problem, I was finally told to bring my router down for a repair checkup! RAR!

How depressing can that get la?!

Nevertheless, if you do see me online, please be nice to me. Chances are, I'll be exasperatingly lurking about the corners of my home trying to leech the best signal from my unprotected neighbours' network!


We help each other in times of trouble! I kinda learnt that in church!

And if you're wondering, NO! - you won't have to worry about seeing me featured in the cover of the newspaper for being the 2nd person in Singapore to be persecuted for trespassing airwaves. Hah!

Cut me some slack people. I just want to blog!

Anyway, I want to share something interesting here. A couple of days back, I was rather fascinated to discover that the long uninhabited fish tank at the patio is bursting with life! So I grabbed my camera and snapped some shots!

Hah! So much for now! And hereby wishing everyone HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!

Thursday, February 15, 2007


The pink fallacy that is!

Will the smart stud who insist that guys should all stay away from the colour pink please stand up? In fact, it takes some courage for anyone (girls included) to pull off a colour that depicts utmost femininity. And in my opinion, not all girls are willing to wear a striking pink on their bad hair, zit infested, tummy bloating, unshaven *ahem* days. Alas! I reckon I'm starting to sound like a fashion magazine columnist eh?

Okay, matter of fact is ... I've bought a pink belt for myself!



some shades of pink on a jeans

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Just now, I was reading about my previous post and went all greenish, "ooshh, so emo sia!" I just can't believe it. In my mind, I figured with raised eyebrowns, "did I just pen that yesterday?"

I guess I'm not as emotional as I had appeared to be. In fact if you ask, I'm perpetually bumming around, making fun of people and laughing to crude jokes all the time - gasp! - not in that malicious, sadistic, caustic and blasphemous sense but of course. But laughter is one living part of me. And to think of it, it reminds me of local actor Gurmit Singh. The Straits Times Live had an interview with him some 2 months back and in the report, it was written that Gurmit who is portrayed as a funny man always seen goofing around on cameras, has a quiet and softer side of him. Have you watched how he almost teared yesterday at the PCK farewell treat on television?

Okay, what am I saying? I just need my dinner! HAH!

Monday, February 12, 2007


I feel really stretched and distressed as I sit down behind my computer typing this entry.

Because of the many thoughts that are randomly twirling in my head like sugar forming to become a ball of cotton candy. Anyway, I really thank God that I'm still sane after all these while. Increasingly, Romans 8:28 is speaking to me at a greater intensity and yielding a stronger conviction.

Romans 8:28 - And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. (KJV)

As I look back in tears, I discover how every fateful event, adversity and difficult experience has brought about painful but valuable life lessons. Because it is in its nature so real and mundane, it could happen anytime to possibly anyone. It seems that pain and value walks hand in hand.

I see how I was placed with a friend to reveal a long-standing sin of a fellow brother. I see how the thoughts of a mate had taught me about legalistic Christianity and its effects on those inflicted by its ideology. I see how past torn relationships had taught me to treasure people more. I see how a low self esteem that had used to consume me dispelling and fading away by a conviction of an acute truth of life and eternity. I see how a church that had shaped me for a good 5 years taught me a good gospel, instilling a firm theological foundation and sadly adverting from one highly arguable aspect of the truth, by which I mean the logos. I see how a substantial charismatic preacher worked wonders and another whose prophecies was invalid.

Simply, I see how I've changed throughout these years.

But I'm forever grateful that I still have Jesus in my heart.


I'm so glad I finally moved my butt to kick start this skin changing process. (Remember Michael Jackson? Hah!) I'm terribly sick of the old template. And like what we learn today, let's boldly step out to become innovative people!

Anyway, Jonathan and myself are doing an acoustic unplugged session at Ben & Jerry's THE CATHAY PLAZA next Wednesday, 21st February at 8pm. So join us for a time of delicious ice cream and good music! And in case you're wondering, THE CATHAY PLAZA is located beside PLAZA SINGAPURA Shopping Centre and admission is free.

The Ice Cream Experience yesterday!

Sunday, February 11, 2007


As much as I'm SUPER lazy, I'm pretty determined to change my blogskin.

Or should I just switch to livejournal?

Stay tune!

Friday, February 09, 2007


I can't do this alone as much as I want to.

Therefore I'm hereby looking for a partner to join me with THE MOST ROMANTIC SMOOCH contest organized by Let me know if your friends are interested (:

Nah, I'm just kidding. Hah!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Time passes so quickly it seems. It'll be a thurday tomorrow. Feels like a Tuesday rather. Has my biological clock malfunctioned or something?

I love blogging on my Mac, instead of my PC. It has its differences and I shall attempt to tell you why.

When I'm on my PC, I'm usually tempted to double click on the Frozen Throne icon on my screen and launch a game of DOTA whilst wasting the night away in an exciting arena killing virtual heros and ocassionally (though not exactly accidental) blurting out profanities to unexpected adverse situations - like being hooked by fatty Pudge who hides beneath a tree and fragged out of nowhere.

On my portable Mac, I'm usually seated on my bed (not exactly a bed in theory) with the table lamp opposite me illuminating a dim umbra that emanates a gloomy overcast which ultimately ignites a bleak and despirited apprehension. That explains the emo entries, which is good I reckon. Somebody once told me that my blog is a balloon of vague idealogy, addressing only the trivial.

So you want more of me? Read the emo stuff then. Hah. Anyway, I'll start of with something lighthearted before the real stuff comes crashing down.

This may sound really stupid but during dinner with my Mum yesterday, I was amused by a full boiled egg which she put on my plate. Check out the yoke!

Don't see anything? Now, this one!

Get it? How gay can that get man?!

You know how they associate the word cynic with journalism? I think I'm beginning to catch a glimpse ever since I started my massive reading habits recently. It seems that more than half of what's happening in the news are negative. I've been reading NEWSWEEK magazine for a couple of months and every issue never fail to talk about the insurgency in Iraq, Bush's trillion dollar budget, the Shiites and Lieutenant Generals blasting into cities, the timid Republicans, oncoming presidential elections and veteran leaders like Chuck Hagel. They were half right when they say that knowledge is power. The other half talks about how knowledge has the power to kill, even oneself. Remember the tree of knowledge which Adam and Eve had eaten the forbidden fruit from?

I wonder if journalists today are close to depressive people, possibly immuned to the fact that existence has lost its purpose and that the world is a dog's life.

I thank God for my stay in Crystal and a new beginning in CHC because I've learnt alot as I transcend from the former to where I am today. As new idealogy shapes my mind, I'm constantly provoked and baffled by what I see. And I was surprised when a sister recently remarked that my countenance didn't see so bright. There is some serious process going on here.

God, give me wisdom.

Sunday, February 04, 2007


I should have guessed it from the start! The Lions have kicked the Thais in the ass once again in the 2nd League and won Champion in the Asean Cup. Lionel Lewis, compared to the previous game performed exceptionally well this time. Kudos to the only Chinese in the team!


I realised I'm kinda cranky when it comes to nationalistic issues like, uh huh .. soccer! Hah! How many of you can sense my public patriotic spirit? Muhahahahah!

Anyway, thank God for better health today. I felt slighter better in the morning than yesterday. The word is slightly, though I'm still coughing like a rat and blowing out mucus like every half an hour or so. But at least the dizzy spells are fainting by the hour.

You know how they say that the mood of a man is generally affected by 3 things - soccer, money and women. Do you agree?

If so, for the women, it would be relationship, chocolates and WEIGHT. Wait! There's more? Face, sleep, figure?

Saturday, February 03, 2007


I think I'm falling sick soon. I'm having a mild sore throat and a serious flu. And I'm too lazy to visit the clinic. Currently, I'm consuming whatever spare medicine I could find at home and a packet of Fisherman's Friend Cinnamon Lozenges which acts as anesthesia to my throat. By the way, Cinnamon flavour rocks!

I met up with a few people from Crystal in the evening to catch up with old times. Seems like I'm getting really old. Hah. Anyway, it's unnerving to discover how much have changed ever since I left. Thinking about this, I'm glad that the struggles I once battled so hard have subsided. And I finally have a peace of mind without feeling much condemned over being dubbed as a quitter or a covenant breaker. It appears that self-consciousness is one major part of my second nature. Hah.

I'm glad my afternoons are free tomorrow. I'm gonna soak up more sun by the pool. I think I shall just apply sun lotion, don a pair of shades and blast Jimmy Eat World on my iPod and try falling asleep under the blazing monster and hopefully not looking too burnt after that. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't mind looking like a south African for a while.

Since I've got so much time to waste on a Friday night, I shall post some photos of the past to intrigue you and bring about some NE, or what you would call National Education. In this case, I call it Old Church Education - OCE. Hah! I'm bored la..

The young kids have grown up and the old kids have grown older. Hah. I looked super gross with my centre parting man! Muhahahaha!!

Okay, now I'm too lazy to do up the 2002 ones and so forth.

Friday, February 02, 2007


Shame on me.

Shame on me for not being present at the National Stadium on Wednesday cheering with the exploding 55 thousand strong crowd when striker Noh Alam Shah scored the first goal against Thailand at the 17th minute. Nevertheless, my eyes were fixed on their every move on screen at the comfort of my own room whilst supporting and cheering on like a fanatic. Yes - I was also ecstatically punching my fist in the air and roaring in euphoria when Mustafic Fahrudin scored the winning penalty for Singapore.

The tickets were sold out when I arrived at the ticket booth at Chua Chu Kang Stadium in the evening. I wish they had sold them online or something. How stupid.

Anyway, I realised I have been pretty edgy and short-tempered recently. I wish I could be apathetic about this.