Monday, October 30, 2006


Whilst sourcing the national library for a Easy Beginner Bass Guitar Book for Ngu, I stumbled upon this and decided to borrow it. Hah. I hope it helps!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Manda, Chad and Clarence popped over to my place in the afternoon yesterday.

This was the intial plan:
  1. Do lunch
  2. Watch a comedy
  3. Talk cock
  4. Work out in the gym
Oh well, we ended up recording a piano rendition of Beautiful on Garage Band instead - with everyone's effort. Infact, I would consider this a super LAME rendition smeared with animalistic vibes that were totally out of this world! And due to certain time constraint, the song was done in a haste and I henceforth, regret to inform you that it was horrendously arranged! Hah! Nevertheless, click here to listen or here to download, whichever you please!


Tuesday, October 24, 2006


WARNING: Lead Singer on crack!

Monday, October 23, 2006


Check out this article I read on today's Sunday Life!

Some bemused women wrote the following :

My husband hates to go shopping for clothes with me, but I do value his advice. Actually he doesn't like to do any shopping with me at all. Is there anything I can do to entice him to tag along?

Allan (relationship guru & author of book Why Men Lie And Women Cry) offered the following advice :

The stress man experience during shopping has been shown to be equal to that of a policeman in a riot. Never say: "Let's go shopping." Instead, give him a target - like size, colour and price, for example. And here's a hint - ask him what food or drink he would like while he is waiting. Agree that after an hour, he can look at what's on sale in 'boys toys' shops, and finish the day with a few drinks at the local pub. Talk to him about the importance of his opinion and look at strategies to reduce his stress, such as buying him his favourite magazine to read while he waits for you.

Saturday, October 21, 2006


They call him the Asian Travis Barker! Oh wait, he's from Singapore?

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Someone just reminded me that I haven't been updating. Oh shucks. I'm just too lazy haven't you realised? Hah.

I recently installed this firewall program called ZoneAlarm Pro and oh boy, I'm pretty alarmed by the amount of intrusions into my network! Everybody wants to hack me! Hoho!

click to enlarge

I wish I could castrate every hacker in this world. SHING!

And check out Tanya's entry about The Malay Pizza Boy. It's totally retarded! I wish I could also be that Malay Pizza Boy. Hoho!

I was reminded about some people today whilst listening to some songs on my way back home . This is weird but here goes. It's endearing to know how songs can bring back a certain memory of the past.

Junie - Swear it again (Westlife)
Lisa - I wanna grow old with you (Westlife)
Annabelle - Daughters (John Mayer)
Hazlinda - Anywhere with you (Saves The Day)
Celine - Penny and me (Hanson)
Dirisa - Bad Day (Daniel Powter)
William - Everywhere (Michelle Branch)
Ming - I don't wanna fight (Westlife)
Greg - Zwitter (Rammstein)
Chad - Closing Time (Semisonic)

And speaking which of past, I'm gonna post 5 random photos of the past at the end of every entry. Okay, that's if I have the time la. Enjoys. Hah.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Let's write something different this time. Let's talk about computers!

1. Forget MSN messenger. Microsoft has released its latest messenger software etched with an interface far more aesthetic than any of its predecessor. The functions of Windows Messenger Live are pretty much similar to those found in MSN messenger. There are, however some new features which seem rather useless to an average user.

The best part: it loads alot faster!

The Windows Messenger Live Site

2. You may not have a professional photo editing software like Abobe Photoshop or PaintShop Pro. But don't you love taking snapshots everywhere you go with your digital camera?! And surely you don't want to share your works without adding a nice border or a special effect onto it. Picasa, developed by Google is your picture perfect assistant. Priced at absolutely zilch cost, Picasa contains your coveted simple one-click effect fixes and it also allows you to easily organize your photo files into visual albums.

With that, you'll never need to worry about unsorted files or fugly photos again!

The Picasa Site

3. Snap! Snap! You discovered that your high resolution photo files are too excessively big to send over to your friends. All you need is Folkes EZ Thumbnail, the program that batch effectively resizes your photos according to your desired specifications.

Select, click and tada!

EZ Thumbnail Site

The next night with Amanda. Bleh.

Monday, October 16, 2006


Met up with Edmond and Jing Yi in the afternoon for lunch at Vivo City. And I tell you, the place was so frikkin' packed and further aggravated with regional retarded mascots in green space suits and a silly traffic helmet blowing their taunting whistles!

And Food Republic is insanely overpriced cus Edmond paid $6.90 for a bowl of laksa! It makes more sense to dine at Harbour Front or at the hawker centre next to the interchange first.


And Ed, guess what? Hoho! The same bag!

The rest of the night was spent with an aesthetic looking bully! Oops! I'm kidding! Hah.

Saturday, October 14, 2006


To those who emailed me about the broken download link on my purevolume site, it's now fixed!


Thanks to Amanda for the photos. And guys, can you please stop all that teasing! Grrr.. Haha!

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Girls with emo specs are getting increasingly cuter.

Oh crap. Fetish. Hahaha.

Monday, October 09, 2006



Check out the following email I received today!


Hi Kevin,

Chanced upon your song on the net and am pretty immersed by the song Beautiful.

Nokia frequently do preload of MP3 songs on selected Nokia phones to provide out of box experience for music lovers. So far we have been engaging key music labels for music preload on phone's inbox memory card, and always on the lookout for good local artists.

We are currently developing a website that is due Dec 2006 for launch, and would like to engage local artists to offer free songs downloads for end consumers.

Do let me know your thoughts on this matter.

Best regards,
Jonathan Ng
Product Manager
Nokia Pte Ltd


Okay, now what should I do? =D

Sunday, October 08, 2006


Ngu and myself have this crazy idea of coming out with an EP. As surreal as this sounds, he says he will take care of my album art whilst I do my music. Hah. So we drafted out a list of 40 band names to choose from. Some are outstandingly spastic!

But well, we don't know if we never try! Hah

  1. Sweet Summer
  2. Sally Goes Home
  3. Grey Skies
  4. Skyliners
  5. June Holidays
  6. Pluck Dasies
  7. Beautifully Broken
  8. Latte Latte
  9. Nothing But She
  10. Late Mid-West Skies
  11. Pancake Stories
  12. Take Vitamins
  13. Sweating In The Oven
  14. The Emo Player
  15. Lovely Natalie
  16. Sundae Hero
  17. Fuss Fuel
  18. Outdoor Gilmore
  19. Finding Natalie
  20. Pancake Stores
  21. Room For Square
  22. Boston
  23. Rachael Sits Down
  24. Bad Hair Day
  25. Falling Sideways
  26. Dizzy Up The Girl
  27. Mr Pocupine
  28. Jason Meets Jessie
  29. Three Shot Espresso
  30. Latte Decaff
  31. Some Chickens
  32. Hide And Sheet
  33. BeedSheet
  34. Pizza In The Morning
  35. Rachael In The Making
  36. Sandwich Bay
  37. Sam's Tasty Mutton Soup
  38. Chocolate Flavoured Hills
  39. Chocolate Bag
  40. Grandmother's Napkin
So we refined the list and the following are the top of the charts! Hah.

  1. Pluck Dasies (Ngu likes this ALOT for some unknown reason)
  2. Three Shot Espresso (One of my favourite; Shaun dissed this though)
  3. Chocolate Flavoured Hills (Sounds too Limp Bizkit though)
  4. Sandwich Bay (Sounds cool eh! Food's da idea!)
  5. Skyliners (Sounds like THE KILLERS sorta band)
  6. Late Mid-West Skies (MY MOST FAVOURITE!!)
  7. Falling Sideways (Onn Shaun's Favourite)
Anyway, I've written a new song lately. Inspired by the ex - once again. Hah. It sounds pretty yucky on the guitar so so I did a piano rendition on it using Garage Band and a newly bought cheapo condenser mic.

Fight the Grey Skies

How are you getting by
It has been 6 months and 3 whole weeks
Since the last time your scent surrounded me

We all change sometimes
When the people whom we love the most
They bring us down

And today and today I'll stay
For a while my heart has something to say

You can't fight the grey skies that way
Gotta stand tall cus God will save the day
I'm sorry that I've hurt you and make you cry
Let us still be glad to say our goodbyes

I don't know if you've heard me right
I guess words just ain't enough
To do a thing or pull a string

We'll pause to take our time
Under covers where I'll lay beside
Watching back our lives

I hear your silence as the wind
Comes blowing through me
You don't have to do a thing now anymore and ..

Take a listen here

And to rockstar wannabe Timmy, Happy Birthday! Time to grow up dude!

Lastly, I'm getting ride of my 1 year old Yamaha EZ20 keyboard. Selling it for 200 bucks with stand. Bought it for $450 then. Anyone interested?

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Taking my step to the next Premise. Ciaos.

Thanks to those who have caused the damage.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006




I've never seen a more talented 22 year old musician!

Check out Hong Kong born, composer, guitar teacher and engineer - Sai Kit Tang! And take a listen to his demo - Capture A War or download the video here. His site here.

And also 18 years old Korean-American Sarah Kim on her guitar and vocals that formulate the total melodic orgasm! I'm not kidding! Click here to listen to her demos.
Okay, damn. I feel like a total noob now. Hahaha!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I feel like a total Idiot with a capital I.

Why did I even initiate? What was I even thinking?

I've decided to become one hell of a laid back bloke who absolutely cares nothing under the sun. Whatever comes, comes. Fish it.

Sunday, October 01, 2006


For those of you all who have me on friendster, you would have realised that I had recently uploaded a rather lame photo to be used as my default image. And apparently, some people are reading too much into it. Now let me tell you why.

So much for pretending to pee. Hur!