Thursday, December 27, 2007


I just made my first online sale when I sold 3 copies of my CD today.

Thank God!

This is only but the beginning! Watch out for a new MTV coming soon!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Wine evaporates your insides.

I have never felt so thirsty in my life. Earlier on at Hawk's place, the host ran out of non-alcoholic drinks and all that could be found were a few bottle of Shiraz and Cabernet. So I went gulping and was dehydrated as a result. Actually, I would prefer a glass of coke.


Christmas is truly a season of celebration. It is a time to break away from the bustle of work, to mend broken relationships and to remember Jesus and God's boundless love. But I guess that most people aren't too interested to know why they celebrate christmas anyway. What matters are the crazy shopping sprees at Tangs, cheap booze, loud music and getting wasted after a midnight countdown. 

And preferably not waking up beside someone with a belly. 

For myself, this christmas has been wonderful going to new places and meeting new people. I've also received some orders over the internet for the Assuring Teddy EP! 

So, that's really some good news!

Some pictures taken lately.

Friday, December 21, 2007


I've not been writing too much recently and I figured that it might just be my PC that is dying on me. Recently, it has shown some bad signs of heart failure, or maybe erectile dysfunction when the screen would just freeze for no reason. And trust me, my monitor is working just fine. And therefore, I have to prepare myself for its imminent death -a fateful moment when the world will sob and observe a minute of silence. There might be gnashing of teeth because the prices of shares will plunge and prices of oil will rise.

Okay, no link. Never mind.

But thankfully, I have my Apple (named Jasmine, which some of you guys already know) with me. You see, I have never had this peculiar practice of naming my belongings till some years back when I stepped into an office only to be enlightened by a colleague that the Dell desktop that stood at the farthest end was called Johnson. And yes - the one right here was Michel. Prod me one more bit, I swear I would have reached nirvana. It was a shock at that moment. But it did make sense after a while. Names are used for effective identification. God called Adam, Adam and Eve, Eve. Roads have names. And so do we, people.

And guess what? My history teacher once told me that she met this guy in Hong Kong with the name pubic. I have absolutely no idea how that came about. But if I have a name corresponding to some kind of genital, I would drown myself after I learn how to swim.

Several people have asked me whether the Assuring Teddy EP is a charity project. I would like to redress this issue once and for all - in black and white. I shall reiterate that this was supposedly a charity project. However, as there wasn't enough credibility to produce (cus we're just two ordinary dude) to these charity organizations that we come from a listed company or are established individuals, no formal agreement was drafted as a result. And whatever proceeds generated will be used to faciliate the CD production cost.

i miss you more than i can say

Monday, December 17, 2007


After months of much laborious work - planning and meeting people, senseless whacking on the guitar, wee-hours of recording and drinking tons of SEASONS ice peach tea to keep the voice going,

ASSURING TEDDY EP the album is out!

Visit the Assuring Teddy Site

Okay, so you must be wondering how this EP came about. Now let me explain.

Some months back, I was inspired by a sermon in church that spoke about Social Enterprising - businesses operated by non-profits, with the dual purpose of generating income by selling a product or service in the marketplace and creating a social, environmental or cultural value.

I actually blogged an entry about it here -

So I thought, maybe we could put some talents and abilities into good use. And on that day a subtle dream was conceived. After the service, I excitedly told Ping about it. And almost immediately, we kicked started our motors into high gear. Hear the reeving engine man! Hah.

This is more than a pipe dream. This is a dream conceived, visualized and put into flesh!

Initially, this project was an intention to create awareness and raise funds for a certain charity group via the medium of music, arts and entertainment. However due to the recent slew of checks, we did not qualify as we do not represent a registered organization. Hah. So tough luck! Nevertheless, we proceeded on with the album at our own production cost and labour. And we're giving it away for free to our friends. So do support us!

PS: But donations are always welcomed! Hah. And don't be a pirate!

Saturday, December 08, 2007


10 more days till you're back. I can't wait to talk to you and tell you how much I've been fatuously thinking of you. Ha. And if you dare get me a preschool grammar book for Christmas, I'll really bite you :D

Despite the heavy rain that poured on us today, we still enjoyed our trekking at Bukit Timah hill!

And I think this is too retarded not to share! Hah.

Monday, December 03, 2007


I have been doing alot of reading on Boy Meets Girl recently. And I must say that it is starting to change the way I perceive and deal with relationship of the opposite sex.

Hah. I shall relate more after I finish this book. But after today's read, I learnt that love is more than just chocolates, flowers and an burning romantic passion for the hottest looking chick in school.

Romance at its best. Gee, I've yet to figure out. But soon I will!

Sunday, December 02, 2007


My phone has been kinda quiet today. And I guess it will remain this way for the next 2 weeks till someone gets back.

117155U2 if that's what you're feeling =D

Ping and brother at Armani Exchange posing with a new jacket

And see how my new cap blends with the others!

Parading my wall with photos!

And something for the start of the EP