Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I know I've ranted much over the high cost of living here. But still, this serving of Char Kuay Tiao cost me SGD 9.

And guess what I saw this morning?

Bisexuality Day! Gee! I won't be surprise if a Homosexual Day exist?!

And these are taken during filming today! And if you need to know, yes, I have to wear that wig on my head for my role in the video! Ha

Saturday, September 27, 2008


I just came back from a showcase at UWA, University Of Western Australia. Named Search For A Star, this is an annual evangelical event organized by Zion Praise Harvest church which primarily reaches out to university students in Perth. I would picture it as a scaled-down equivalent of Emerge back home due to its modest-sized congregation. But honestly, I think that it is pretty remarkable for uni students to run the entire set, from the sound equipment, stage lighting, audio consoles to the drama and dancing. Having seated at the first row, I had a good view of slapstick acting and pretty girls dancing. It was nice and raw energy. But I was pretty annoyed that my digital camera could not capture properly due to the low lighting. Now, that reinforces the need for a D-SLR. What say you?!

And this shall be my new emo hair. No more blue adidas cap. I might consider dreadlocks sometime next year. But I'll have to consult the girlfriend first. Ha.

I was chatting with my cousin over MSN and she was quick to ask if life in perth was a havoc. Her exact quote was "wester country? haha clubbing, drinking, happening night life and all". Hah. I shall take this opportunity to address this misconception. Contrary to popular thinking plausibly formulated by the mass media, it's actually pretty boring in Perth. Can't you tell from my photos? Ha. The happening places are in eastern Australia like Sydney, Melbourne and Gold Coast. Perth is a place for retiree man.

And this is my story board assignment. Hah. It's a draft, so you might not make out anything out of it.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This is the longest hiatus yet. And I'm feeling pretty homesick. I can't wait to go back to enjoy the humid weather (as eccentric as that may sound), meet the folks, hug my girlfriend and savor all my favourite food. I'm already picturing in my head eating scenes of Chinatown, Geylang and the bean curd at Selegie. How can I forget the last one? Now that Spring is approaching, all the hibernating insects are thawing into life. Snakes will appear sometime in Summer, rampant in bushland. But I'm glad I'll be away.

Studies are taking its toll on me which I hate to admit most unfortunately. The next week is a study break for assignments to be completed and submitted the week after. After which, we'll await the major exams that commence in November. Most thankfully, I have only two papers which fall on the first week so that means I get to pack my stuff and get ready for my flight back to my homeland earlier than that of my mates who are studying other stuff. And I miss my babe, really do. Lastly, I'm thinking of buying a DSLR. Can someone recommend me an entry level model that ranges around a thousand bucks? I would prefer a Canon or Nikon though.

Some interesting photos here

This is a black matt-coated Lexus!

This is Zion Praise Harvest church in Curtin University.

A Sweedish Party.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Another Wednesday night at New Port!

Thursday, September 04, 2008


My beloved girlfriend on my phone. Look how sweet she is! Heh.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


A note plastered on our common door to keep our alcohol intoxicated mates from making too much noise! Shhhhh..

The next picture was taken on our way to Freo market to get our groceries for the week!

I reckon my cooking skills have improved since the day I came to Australia. In the past, I only knew instant noodles. But now, I can fix myself and even my mates some chicken rice, pasta and fried rice! Someone once commented that a man's ability to cook adds on to his net value. If that is true, I am worthed a little much more now! And I'm ready to impress and inspire the girlfriend with my 'signature style' pasta alla carbonara when I return for the holidays. PS: I've been persuading her to learn some cooking but to no avail. Maybe my delicious cooking might do the job. Heh.

Most parents are too paranoid to allow their kids to venture aboard. But in fact, living outside of Singapore for some time can be an advantage, though it also means I have to fully take charge of my own laundry, cooking, paying of bills, grocery shopping and discipline. These are the common things that we as singaporean youths take for granted, don't we? We expect our favourite t-shirt to appear in our wardrobe the next time we look for it. We expect food to be on the dining table by 7PM. We expect our parents to settle our mobile and internet bills while we freely utilize them. Now, I've learned to appreciate my parent and those around me so much more. I feel I've growed in maturity a tiny weeny bit. Thank God!