Sunday, January 28, 2007



Super Enthu Fan

Singapore First Goal!

Singapore Winning Goal!

Saturday, January 27, 2007


This following is a mail as received from Edmond Phoon.

Hey kel, would appreciate if U post an ad for me since your blog has quite a number of hits.

Hi all, I'm a mailing list member (since I've only been to the group once!) of the group. I'm leading an expedition to Vietnam/Myanmar (country not yet fixed) in Dec 2006, tentatively 6 - 19 Dec to do humanitarian work under YEP.

I'm looking for people aged 17 - 30 to join as a Joule club member, under the Expedition division, in my centre REACH FSC ( to fill up the following positions:

Asst. Team Leader
Projects Manager
Asst. Projects Manager x 2
Local Community Relations Officer
Ordinary Committee Member x 2

The club has 2 other divisions, namely a dragon boat team, kayaking team and adventure trekking team. Pls see for updates.

If you are interested, pls email to or myself at

Applications are open till end of March for the YEP and throughout the year for the club.


Facades are such an amazing thing. They help save a heap lot of trouble, awkward questionings, prying, probing, patronizing and all that apprehension and inquietude. They also put a smile on the faces besides you whilst leaving them in a state of oblivion and of tranquility and felicity.

As the saying goes, ignorance is bliss.

In the movie Be With Me produced by local film maker Eric Khoo, Theresa Chan Poh Lin, a courageous women who is deaf and visually handicapped mentioned, "though I was unable to see, I was also spared of the ugly things in the world."

The great men of this world would boast to you about their enormous influence in the world's economy because of great knowledge and power. But oblivion has proven itself to be useful by itself sometimes.

So when someone with a burning spirit of self-righteousness comes crashing on you about facades, tell him that it'll leave him sedated.

At least for the moment if it should help, anyhow.

Thursday, January 25, 2007


Wild Rice. No, I'm not referring to the Theater Company in Singapore pioneered by Ivan Heng.

I'm speaking of some serious wild rice that cost me a bomb.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I was deciding whether to blog or rest in bed until the following SMS came reading:

"gee, you went offline just like that?! ha"

Okay, I shall not reveal who that came from lest she starts nagging about her name appearing too many times on my site. Heh. It was about 1AM when I drew Jasmine out from the shelves and brought it to my bed. I knew I had work on her, desperately.

Jasmine - the ever feminine name I bestowed to my MacBook. Stop fantasizing! ;p

Anyway, I'll start of with something intriguing. A couple of days ago, I was browsing friendster (if you do not know what friendster is, buy a pistol and shoot yourself) and was flabbergasted to see pictures of my peers smartly donned in wedding gowns, suits and ties. Surely, it took no rocket scientist to figure that they were married.

Why would someone at my age decide to settle down so quickly? For your information, I'm 21, and already feeling like a grandfather or Santa Claus (without the belly) or the wrinkled poor neighbourhood janitor whichever. I battled in my mind and finally came up with several sane and logical reasons to justify the act.

Reason 1 - Love Plunge

You love your partner so much you can't bear living one day without her. So you decide to enter into a civil registered marriage with your partner and seal your fate once and for all.

Reason 2 - Money

Your parnter is filthy rich, like Spears or Hilton. And you can't wait to marry, divorce and rob half her assets to buy yourself a roof in Six Avenue and a BMW M6 Convertible.

Reason 3 - Crazy Women

Your partner is lunatic and has held your parents hostage. She demands you marry her and promises you an adversity, if otherwise.

Reason 4 - Desperado

No one has ever taken a second glance at you for 2 decades of your life. And one day lady luck shone and you're resolved to marrying her fast before you dumps you for another guy.

Reason 5 - The Baby

One of the most popular. Self explainatory. Period.

Having listed the above feasible reasons, I will, by no means attempt to probe into their affairs. Because to me, marriage is a BIG time thing if you taking into account of real lifetime responsibility and committment - living together, managing finances, working out careers, producing offsprings, putting food on the table, providing for your in-laws and a hundred million more! Oh man, this thought is too much to handle for my susceptible, demure and finite mind. Hah.

I think I shall just turn in now and think about this after 5 years, or never.

Getting many girlfriends is fun. Getting a wife, isn't. Oh well.

Okay, who wants to be my girlfriend now?

Haha. (:

Monday, January 22, 2007


I was thinking about all the factors that could have shaped the climate, and then I realised that I was right after all. Or rather, I justified the end product. It was meant to be that way.

Sunday, January 21, 2007



( I hope I'm not too late ;p )

I'll pass you your present on Monday. Stay tune! Heh.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


I was working on my computer on a Saturday evening when I heard my neighbour playing to Josh Groban's You Raised Me Up on the piano. Immediately, I hooked up my Mac and started punching away to whatever random chord progressions that my neurons were churning.

And after some three hours and a bloody mess of experiment and screw ups, I finally got the pieces together and recorded a short melody! Take a listen to Reminiscence! Download Here

I've been in a spate of lows recently. And thank God for Sandy who has been such a sweet pie and an encourager. I was especially touched when she mentioned the following:

"well, just wanta let u know that its alright to feel emo. its okay to be upset. AND u dun have to go through this alone. u can share with those around you."

I had a spiteful brush with my parents in the car earlier. I could still vividly remember this scene in the movie Angel when guardian angel Nicholas Cage saided that people cry when they experience emotions far too great for the body to take. And the tears hence flow as the body wepts.

I hope I won't have to cry the way I did again.

Friday, January 19, 2007


I'm into tight tees.

My meterosexual vibes unleashed! HAH!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


After much scrimping and saving and almost starving and eating grass and drinking rain water, I finally got myself my long coveted 320GB hard disk drive! I think I've also burnt my bank account after this purchase.

This month, I may gotta eat some grass for real.

But God, being Jehovah Jireh will provide!

Therefore, I shall wait upon Him and his provision! And at the very most, I'll just learn to subject my tongue to anguish conditioning by eating cook-house food every lunch. The fried fish tastes like crap every time.


I would also like to proudly announce that Jon and myself have passed the audition at Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Parlor Cathay Plaza today, though I think I've done Jon great injustice by sounding seriously off with the guitar!

Anyway, do look out for us the next time you hit town for some ice cream! Hah!

I was ransacking through my closet and stumbled upon some of the very memorable items that I kept. Okay, to continue you've gotta promise that you won't laugh!

This was myself in secondary 3 clad in a Giordano black t-shirt, some cheapo jeans and a necklace with a crucifix. As I look back now, I begin to figure out why no girls dated me then. Shyte! Hur Hur!

This was myself in secondary 2. It seems that I was slightly cuter then. Oh crap, what went wrong afterwards?!

Puberty seemed to have screwed me in secondary 4. I was hideous with my face zits infected! And the center-parting hair style was like the hippest fashion statement around la! Oh man, I couldn't believe I looked like that! Damn retro huh?

Next, was a present I received from beloved sister Claudia some 6 years ago?

And when I opened, I was ahem.. surprised to discover a collection of stainless steel forks! Oh man, how crude is that!

And sister if you're reading this, I'm really sad that we've shared so much happy memories in the past in TACS 3 and things are so different now. So many people left and so much have changed. But the God of the mountains is the same as the God of the valleys, so take heart and allow God to saturate you with his blessings and healing! (:

And a couple of shoutouts before I turn in. It's 1.30AM already!

To Von and Serene, thanks for coming to support me today! The large fries never tasted better! And I know you have been logging on to my blog frequently these days! Let's do prata soon! And thanks for teaching me the meaning of skinny dipping! Hoho!

To Sandy, thanks for being such a sweetie. Hah! You shall sing me a song this Sunday, as promised in your SMS. Don't forget! Hah!

To Claudia, God loves you. And I love you too.

Monday, January 15, 2007



May God bless you richly this year brudder! (:

Sunday, January 14, 2007


I'm totally in love with Disenchanted by The Chemical Romance.

Such a sad song, it's not entirely suicidal. And I won't feel a thing.

Saturday, January 13, 2007


That's what Sandy would call me every time I sound emoish on Adium. Oh that girl! Haha (:

I ain't gonna punish myself!

And finally some randoms from Photo Booth!


3 cheers for Sandy for being such a sweetie! Heh ;p


Friday, January 12, 2007


I'm feeling kinda lost amidst the pouring skies that loomed over my head tonight. I again, wonder if there's going to be news of new new flooded roads on the cover of tomorrow's paper. Or more complain letters from the forum, whichever.

I'm feeling emoish again. And as usual, embrace my cryptic nature. And read all you want but not fully conceiving everything at the end.

I just came home from the area (pardon my ignorance but i have no idea what the place is exactly called) that links Citilink to the Esplanade, one which I've dubbed as the 'true-blue singaporean poseur-site', where hot sweaty male bodies, drooling coeds in tight spaghetti tank tops, literally wet paint artists and stunt bikers parade and showing off their artsy-craft and speciality. Over that 1 hour 10 minutes spent there (10 minutes of loo time), I gave Ping and Darren a punk-rock crash course, which I hope had been beneficial and oops .. justifiable! I covered some fundamentals of palm muting, rhythm variations and power chords. And it rained like shyte when I stepped out of the place. Oh shyte!

Never failed to numb my senses even more.

I'm beginning to make out some truth to what Lin had said earlier about people prone to falling into depression in places where the sun is short-lived. The rain truly makes life depressing and gravely miserable. Pardon my wailing. No - my sulking and wallowing in sentimentality. I don't wail. At least, not that often I think. ;P

As I sat on the first row of the upper deck bus on the journey home, the flashing lights of the night (and the voice of Zhou Jie Lun on my ipod singing into my ears) desensitized my mind and brought me memories of the past. And akin to what a close brother once said to me, I then realised I've left my heart in many places and with so many people.

People can be faithless; but God is ever faithful. His yoke is easy and His burden is light.

I received an invitation from director/playwright Justin Kan this afternoon. His friend who is doing a short film is engaging me to do his music! Hah. Thank God for this new opportunity to shine! And if you have no idea who Justin Kan is, you should seriously consider viewing his debut short film - The Letter. Heh. ;P

And I've been scheduled an audition at Ben & Jerry's next week. If God permits, you'll see me performing at this new ice cream parlour located at Cathay Plaza very soon! So stay tune for my good news yea! RAR.

One day you fall in love (like how you stumble upon a rock), and then you discover that this person is taken. Oh how unfulfilling, fatuous and stupid. Sucks.

Off to bed. More awaits tomrorow.

Sunday, January 07, 2007


Serene & Yvonne just said I looked like a bung.

Oh man. I'm sad.

Anyway, I just realised that this year holds alot for my future. And I'm taking this thought very seriously. What's gonna happen after 2007 depends alot on what I do this year. Grr..

I caught Japanese triller Death Note 2 with the girls. This is the first film I've watched with my eyes perpetually gazing at the subtitles, swinging up and down. Oh man!

Saturday, January 06, 2007


I'm glued to Michael Buble's Home. Let me go home ..

This song is so emoish. And it makes me wish I could find home home.

Thanks to Miranda who organized a movie marathon at my place! I believe the guys (and girls but of course heh) had fun fellowshipping and bonding with one another. To those who could not make it (such as Jon, Ping, Ming, Min, Septh, etc.. ) we just wanna tell you that you're not forgotten and we really do miss your presence!

Stay tune for the next movie marathon alrights!

Thursday, January 04, 2007


Thanks for your generosity Clarence, but your CDR just froze my Windows Media Player! Hah! Dude, never get brandless CD/DVD media no matter how cheap they are! I know how tempting it can be to get wasted during a sale.

But trust only Sony, Imation, Fuji and Verbatim for quality storage!

This was what happened just now. And I had to dump the disc away. Oops!

click to enlarge

Jokes aside, the rest of this post is gonna get personal.

I was casually browsing through the blogs listed on my links section and was quite encouraged by this sister who mentioned about me in her entry. And I still remember the words of my brother (her boyfriend; whichever) whom I look upon as an elder brother.

He said something like this - if you're leaving for another place to escape from a present realism, you'll never solve anything. And unless you grow up to become a stronger person, you'll know that this move is not likely to be one from God.

One of the best decisions I've made in 2006 is to move on, as disturbing as a phrase like move on might suggests. It was a difficult decision to make. I contemplated and reasoned with my justifications, like a battle between the humane emotions and values and principles. Even till today, I can't be sure to say that I have done the right thing. But more than the issue of breaking covenants, I am convicted that I've learnt alot and grown quite a bit after I made my move.

I'm beginning to experience something different. Perhaps novelty plays a part. But they say that your life don't change with time and that it only happens the moment your mind changes. And I'm glad something like that happened. Now, I'm able to relate to God in a totally different way. I'm able to trust Him in a brand new manner. Not that I've became a super Christian all of a sudden.

But one knows his heart best, doesn't he?

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


In case you have missed the video, here's the repost!

Every moment acoustic rendition (:

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Before anything ...


The letter was on my desk when I returned. Oh man, I don't think I've much blood to spare. Or rather, I'm just too lazy to travel all the way down to Outram for some nasty tubes sucking into my flesh. Ouch.

And today, Kim - yes miss daphne khoo look alike (see photo below) - introduced me to this band - second hand serenade.

Hear their songs here at

And thanks for the orange Kim! Heh! Really appreciate it!

Okay, I swear I have a massive amount of work packed to the brim of my head. I wish I could cut myself some slack. But in fact I have been procrastinating and dragging my feet lately. And it just piles up. Just this afternoon, I discovered what this new year has in store for me. And all that was in my mind was work and more work!


But thankfully, I've chanced upon a nice spot at Cathay Plaza's Coffee Beans. Some sane reasons why I think that that is such a desirable place to do my stuff.

Firstly, it's out of my house! Located in the heart of the perpetual crowded Dhoby Ghaut, it emanates a different feel and inspiration. It's stiffling at home la!

Second, the place is air conditioned and packed with fine coffee drinkers, mugging students and young adults who try to act classy. Do not undermine the power of coffee aroma that is! Oh and there comes my double shot espresso!

Third, there is wireless connection! And best of all, it's free connection! Oh I have to confess that I actually signed up with the 3 wireless services yesterday. So that rocks!

Fourth, there is Ben & Jerry's on the second storey! So I'll reward myself with some ice cream to distress after some serious work. Hah!

Now, some recent randoms.

We met up with Yu Hui today who has just returned from England. She says a plate of Char Quey Tiao cost S$25 in manchester. Oh man.

The random outing today.

ThanksGiving Party

The Skate