Saturday, May 27, 2006


I'm out again - after 2 days!

When I returned to camp last Thursday, everyone went, Chao keng Chao Keng. Heh.

But heaven knows I was really ill. Smirks (:

Thank God the drowsy sensation within my head is gradually subsiding. It could be the yucky cough syrup eh?

The army has certainly done many thing for me. Apart from the evident tormenting, savage and sadistic physical treatment, it has also brought me closer to my family. Perhaps due to my frequent absence at home, my parents are treating me nicer. Not that they have been nasty in the first place. But as the saying goes, absence truly makes the heart fonder. Some two weeks ago, I got to enjoy a Mac Donald's Big Breakfast surprise in the morning from my Dad.

Errr.. thanks Dad, I had it on with that spastic quirky smile on my face.

A couple of days back, my Dad brought me to check out his new toy at the Mercedes Benz showroom. The photos are taken using my still surviving Zire 72. Still not too bad eh? Ha!

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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And this is my dream car! Woots! I'm going to write more songs next time, sell em and then earn million of bucks.

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Thursday, May 25, 2006


I've been down with a bug this week. The doctor calls it a viral throat infection and it has been giving me problems sleeping every night. Okay, maybe that's because I've been sleeping too much. Subsequently, there came waves of erratically fluctuating temperatures (peak measures 39.2) and the totally dreadful mental drowsiness. I went to see the doctor thrice and have gotten myself 3 MCs. First to Alexandra Hospital, then to Clementi Polyclinic and back to Alexandra Hospital again. Hopefully, I will not be going back to either one of them in the evening. I'm still having a slight drowsy sensation in my head. Oh sharks. The doctor attributed in to the unbalance amidst the body recovering from the viral infection. Two, drug effect. Lastly, the result of losing too much water in the body. Gee.

Platoon 3. Half water bottle .. drink up!
The SAF 7 core values are .. loyalty to country .. leadership ..
blah blah ..

Falling sick isn't exactly the best thing in the world. But of course, who would prefer training for SOC (standard obstacle course) and route march to resting at home? But now that I've missed out on a week's worth of fitness, I need to double up! SOC is a crazy experience.

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Thanks to Vesak day, the lot of us got to book out today. And that means LONG WEEKENDS for us! Woohoo! Okay, now the sad part is that this will be our last long weekend! Aww..

Something about the army. Commonly, words like weekends, bookout, singapore, tft are what recruits like us would love to hear. Adversely, we have the reknowned but formidable knock it down, confinement, guard duty and fall in, half left down, outfield, misfire, ration. It's evident what a regimental lifestyle can do to us.

Field camp and Sitest are finally over. So that marks the end of any further outfield activity! Woohoo! Let me tell you the worst part about staying in the wild. Trust me (whilst you may choose to also verify this with your male friends), that there is nothing more unfeeling and cumbersome than to bury your shit with soil after doing your business. Shitting sounds pretty ahem .. crude. Egestion? Defecation? To start off, you actually gotta dig a hole on the ground, lay your most dreadful load with precise dexterity and then conceal your minature chasm with the surrounding earth. But imagine yourself digging up somebody's .. well .. nevermind.

Oh, why are I speaking about the most uncultured in human history?

The latest IPPT results are out!

Sit Ups: 41 (5 points)
Pull Ups: 12 (5 points)
Shuttle Run: 10.2s (4 points)
2.4km Run: 11:22m (3 points)
Standing Broad Jump: 212 cm (1 point; fail)

Total score: 18 points; fail.

Grrr.. Somebody give me bunny legs!

I have not been able to post any photos recently cus my mum's touring around Canada with our digital camera. My kickass fujifilm camera has been borrowed and most likely not coming back to me. So what is Kevin to do?

I will have to buy a new camera! Okay, I am not exactly what you would term as a guru when it comes to digital photography so accordingly to the Fujifilm - I'm New To Photography page, these are which I've discovered.

  1. Pixels do not determine the quality of the image; they merely determine how big the image is. The quality of image lies on the quality of the pixels. Period.
  2. Optical zoom beats digital zoom. Digital Zoom cuts away the edge of the image and enlarges the section in the middle. So that obviously sucks.
  3. Small cameras can be sophiscated and a powerhouse. So don't be fooled by size.
  4. Metal body frames do not make your pictures any better. They however tend to provide greater rigid and scratch resistance.