Monday, July 30, 2007


I'm 22 today and totally apathetic.

No, I wasn't on drugs but I didn't feel like doing anything this year. I wasn't interested in a party, a barbecue dinner or any form of whatever. And don't misunderstand me, I'm not depressed. In fact, I am pretty oblivious to my senses. Hah. All I want to do now is to finish up my NS and - BANG! - I'll be in some faraway studying in a university.

Maybe I'm just a little melancholic, a little confused. But I usually try to smile as much as I can. Actually I can't wait to be 23, then I can sing the song 23 by Jimmy Eat World! Hah. This is pathetic. But I need a guitar.

Anyway, I had my deliverance yesterday and I'm feeling very relived now! Rev Mike Connell prudently administered the service as he had everyone recite the renunciation prayer. After which, we were prayed for by the counselors and - BOY! - I manifested like I was possessed, falling onto the ground and screaming frantically as the Holy Spirit purged the smutches in me. They are otherwise known as unclean spirits. As the people responded to the altar calls, the entire hall which housed the whopping few thousands was echoed with shrieks, moaning and cries. Any unbeliever there would probably be freaked out by scenes of uncontrollably screaming and falling bodies cringing to some kind of invisible force.

As the time of ministry mellowed, everyone began to worship. Thank God the worship leader could still sustained. There were still occasional happenings at various parts of the hall. Never in my life have I felt God's presence so strongly (with the exception at Benny Hinn's crusade) as we sung. Sometimes we don't need science to prove something. I felt the spirit like a rushing steam washing into the crowd waves upon waves. And I'm telling you that that feeling is something worth dying for.

Technically, it beats smoking cigarettes. (:

As I prayed and worshiped, I asked God softly "will you let me experience the laughter the choir had during the Benny Hinn's healing meeting?" If you're rolling your eyes now, this laughter is commonly known as the holy laughter or slain in the spirit, drunk in the spirit or the Toronto Blessing which you can read about it here at Wikipedia. A few moments later, pastor Derrick blessed the congregation and I fell onto my seat and started laughing hysterically. At this point, I had 100% control of my own body (contrary to most presumptions) but I chose to release and allow myself to enjoy the special touch of the Spirit. After a while, I picked myself up and prayed for a second dosage. And guess what? A few moments later, I fell onto my seat and started laughing again. It was a really wonderful feeling.

Look people, if these weren't true, I wouldn't have told you.

And thank God for those who prepared the little cake for me. Love you all!

Friday, July 27, 2007


My sergeant, who is married, asked me today, "What is the difference between a girlfriend and a wife?"

Quickly I said, "A wife is someone you plan to live with all your life?"

And then, he replied, "A wife is someone you can't live without while a girlfriend is someone you can live without."

I was blown away because he made so much sense.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Edmond, oh yes - Edmond recently sent me an SMS saying that he had found some photos which belonged to me while he was clearing his room. So we met for dinner this evening and chatted about the old times in Crystal Tabernacle, the old TIPS ministry which he (and many others) fondly embraced and the mundane things in life back at his place.

His place hasn't changed one bit except for a new Yamaha digital piano that stood at a corner which an altar once presided. I saw the same old television in the living room, the same old messy sofa with clothings over and the same old DELL 17 inch CRT monitor that stood the test of time. But behold, a new white MAC keyboard?! Whola!

Some memories with Edmond.

I knew Edmond in church back in 2001. (I think?) And thank God for this brother and friend who was there for me during my worst moments in 2002 (I think? haha) wallowing over a broken relationship, dwelling in self sympathy and getting drunk in my pathetic stupor. Hah. I can still recall those amusing moments at the West Coast basketball court with Jiemin!

And by this time, you probably want to see what were the photos I gave to Edmond some donkey years back for safe-keeping yea?

Hah. Gotcha!

Sunday, July 22, 2007


The worst form of affliction that could possibly happen to all females in this world is this ...

--> I turn gay.

Nah, I'm kidding!


Gone are the days of Techno, House, Trance or Mambo Jambo!

INDIE-ROCK is the new sound of this generation! (Oh crap, I still love poprock) But Ping's into Indie Shit so I joined him! Hah.

Saturday, July 21, 2007


Is Singapore is a scary place. You can bet on it!

Just this morning, I was heading home from camp at the Jurong East MRT platform when this man, in his 40s came to sit beside me. He saw the SBO & helmet I was lugging and attempted to start a conversation with me.

Here's a summary

MAN : So I see you're in the army?
KEV : Yea
MAN : So watcha gonna do after you ORD?
KEV : Probably studyin overseas man
MAN : Do you have a girlfriend?
KEV : Nah ..
MAN : How about I introduce my daughter to you?
KEV : No thanks!
MAN : Why not boy?
KEV : Cus I no money! No money no honey.
MAN : Do you have a handphone number?
KEV : Ermm.. *contemplated* nope.
MAN : I have this company who is looking for sales assistant, want a job?
KEV : Ermm .. don't think so.

I sped like a bullet out of the train the moment it reached my stop.

OMG! Now I believe in male gigolos!

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Has anyone taken a listen to Second Serenade?

Be utterly surprised because it is a one-man band. How oxymoronic?! And the harmonizing is simply fantastic. Maybe I should try something like that soon. Before I embark for Aussie, I supposed.

I'm so sad. Somebody pick up a gun and shoot me.


I have to much to say but I don't know where to start. Okay, I'll blurt everything out after a game of DOTA or something.


Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I've got COS duty, GUARD duty and IPPT all in one day!


Sunday, July 15, 2007


I'm so bored I will just post some old skool photos.

Friday, July 13, 2007


The most depressing thing in the world is to break up with someone you truly love. Most evidently.

The second most depressing thing is to find out that you do not have toilet paper to clean your ass after a crap in a public toilet.

The third thing and perhaps the reason why people turn senile is to know that you have guard duty the next day.

NOOOOOOO .......


I promise myself that I'll turn in right after this entry. I'm so addicted to writing. Maybe I should just major in Journalism. Recently, some netizens have been infuriated by my MSN nick that reads If I don't flirt, I'll die.

My reply to them is this: YOOO WASSUP MAN!

These are the few unis that I'm contemplating to enrol next year
  • University of Melbourne
  • Murdoch University
  • RMIT
  • Monash University
And I haven't decided. Oh God, please show me the way!

Anyway, I came across this immensely lame piece of crap that I penned some 2 year back. I'm glad my england language has improved.

Check out Twisted, a short story.

St Louse was a distance away and I hesitated. The expenses of beverages and mid-night charges irked me. Since I wasn't exactly a nightlife party animal, I procrastinated. But after countless time of fiery persuasions hurled by my bunkmates, I decided that I should maybe loosen a little and join them. And somehow I yielded and gave in when they invited me. I dragged my heavy feet across the busy street to a deserted stand from where I stayed as I flagged for a cabby. 30 minutes cruelly crawled by me and there was still no sign of an available cabby. I was gravely perturbed and getting impatient but my mind was more affected by that numbness that came from the random thought of Pat. I could still remember vividly exactly what Pat told me a week ago. Explaining her mind, she decided that there was no turning back, no future, and no more happiness. It was somehow clear to me that there was nothing much left to salvage after a million attempts and reconciliation. Ever since I've stepped into the army, there was hardly enough time in the world. Everything seemed jam-packed even as I tried to compromise whatever free time I have for her. But I figured it wasn’t working as much as I had imagined earlier. That perhaps explained the reason why my buddies had been calling me a numbskull. Or was I just justifying my entry into St Louse right now? It surely did not make much sense. And my foot brought me to wherever I was told.
Upon arriving at two storeys below ground level, the apparently cross-gendered bouncer stared at me for a second before he cleared my pass and ushered me in. In a feminine voice, he asked "Alone?" I nodded and jostled my way into the mob in search for the bastards. Keisen and his bunch of joker friends were never a decent bunch. Over the weekends, they would hang out late in the bars to indulge in drugs, women and their weed business. I call them the drug lord Casanova lolitta bastards and surprisingly, they were pretty impressed with that term. They loved it, in fact. But recently I had been drawing closer to the bunch; all because of the girl who left me for an imbecile like themselves. It was an irony perhaps, but their amicable company became primary solace to me after the exhausting and fluctuating breaking up ordeal.

I scanned my eyes through every guise under the flickering dim illumination. The spotlights were a true killer and the blaring house trance that seemingly entertained everyone else was causing a serious migraine. The smoked polluted air aggravated it all. I settled down at an empty seat and exchanged for my free complimentary drink. Meanwhile, I tried to contact the bastards with my mobile only to discover that reception was too far bad for any transmission. Besides, the thumping music made shouting even barely audible. Exasperated, I sat motionlessly watching the crowd at the dance floor swaying to the devilish beat of the house. Maybe those guys could be among the crowd, I reckoned. But I was too lazy to move an inch, while sipping away on my pint of Long Island Tea. Who the fuck drinks tea in an underground bar anyway?

My body soon gloated as the alcohol oozed into my bloodstream, sending mixed signals of disorientation. It felt like a nerve-wrecking feeling for a non-drinker like myself. Jerking my head to recover my composure, I desperately winced to shake that high off my spine. Two drunken ladies, (whom probably noticed my fidgeting) walked over from their table and asked if I needed help. They introduced themselves as Taura and Janice and snickered at every end of their sentences. Hot mamas or Bimbos? I wondered.

Taura, who looked like in her mid teens, 21 at most, was dressed in a sexy red tube, ultra short denim skirt and high heels. Her long silky hair was perfect and those luscious lips were a turn on. She reminded me of Pat who would be turning 18 by 2 weeks time. But this time, Taura gazed at me in the eye. Seduction. I could almost fathom. Janice shook my hands as she bent over with her lavish smile while revealing her cleavage. Topped with a semi transparent blouse, my eyes nailed automatically to her kinky pink-laced bra. She was gorgeous and appeared slightly older than her friend. Her body was gorgeous, voluptuous and had smooth skin. And her eyes were crystal clear despite the mascara that was morbidly painted. Taking my hand, she rested it on her chest and slipped it down between her boobs. I frost as I inhaled my next breath that never seemed to come. At this moment Taura abruptly snapped in as she took my other hand and gently caressed it. With her demure yet flirtatious tone, she spoke with excitement, if you do not need help, we do!

Grabbing on tightly to my shirt, the two girls wildly dragged me out of St Louse into a lonely and quiet lane. Following behind at their crazy pace, the two girls laughed hysterically as they guided me into a vacant back alley. Recollections of boisterous sex with Pat started rushing into my head, as I anticipated fornication with 2 ravishing complete strangers! It was madness as I struggled to stay conscious from the head spinning effect of the alcohol I gulped earlier.

Taura started playing with my armani shirt. Sensually, she teased me and nibbled on my ears as she undressed my top. Janice helped with my bottom as her naughty fingers slowly unbuckled my belt. Laid on some old cardboard, I soaked myself in euphoria as the two girls did their stuff. The girls then assured me that I was in for the greatest time of my life.

Suddenly, Taura pounced onto me and waved her little handcuffs at me. She shot me a dirty look in the eyes and violently exclaimed, you fucking bad naughty little thing, i must punish you today! I knew I was heading for cloud no. 9 when I heard that. She grabbed my hands and chained me in metal, while I awaited the next moment. Threesome! I just couldn't believe what was happening.

The duo suddenly stood up and revealed their ....

At this very second, I shut my eyes and embraced my totally chained hands just to prepare myself for the best thing a women could ever give to a man.

Then I heard,





" CNB Officers, we suspect that you're trafficking drugs. You're under arrest! "

I woke up and realized that everything was only but a dream. I was wet below. Infuriated, I got back to sleep again.

PS: I know this is horrible writing. I hope I didn't bore you to tears - or for that matter - cause you to pee in your pants. Nites!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

HEY HEY YOU YOU has been enjoying a decent viewership of an average of 50 - 60 views daily. And this amazes me. Who are you people? If you're reading this right now, please leave a tag and say hi!

For the entire last night, my stomach was churning like I had a baby or something! The pain that came and go so abruptly was completely nervewracking. And in the midst of battling pain, my mind started to wonder if having premenstrual cramps felt like that too. Imagine the plight of the women who have to undergo that kind of crap some 12 times a year? Perhaps that accounts for their seasonal moody behavior. I remember that I was in total oblivion when the pain struck me whilst traveling home in a bus. I didn't bother to check out the chic chick who was seated adjacently for the first time! No, I was just absorbed by that abdominal pull and cringing away like a wounded bird. On an average, I get stomach pains like twice a year. And that leaves me pretty inadequate when dealing with such a situation. Hah. Now, I begin to understand the reasons my ex-girlfriends behaved funny at times.

A long long time ago ...

kev : hey babe, why don't you just smile? *grins*
ex-gf : leave me alone
kev : smile for me plsss muah muah muah *makes monkey faces*
ex-gf : *no response*
kev : comon come on!! ya can do it!!
ex-gf : *punch kev*

Nah, that didn't happen, much to your disappointment! Heh.

I visited the doctor and received one day MC. I swear I left the hospital at 1.15AM. Right now, I'm going to do some domestic house keeping.

Your mother would term it Clean Your ROOM KIDDO!
But we call it AREA CLEANING AH!

As some of you guys already know, I'm moving out! No, not to the streets where I lay on used paper boxes and sleeping beside dustbins with scraps of leftover at its vicinity! This time, I'm going to have my own room with DOORS! Hallelujah! Thank God! And it is going to be a quiet area because it is located on the 3rd level. So guys, we can all crash over soon! And if I ever decide to get a traveler Pearl drum set, we can just jam there! Woohoo!

As you can see, my area is currently very tidy. *ahem*

And Mandy, I think you really resemble this actress!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I'm falling sick. I could almost feel my head spinning.

And guess what? I've lost 2KG! And it's a big deal.

Sorry to have ruined your taste girls. We all recognize that you've been trying hard to shed off that extra fat off your tummy to fit into your slim-fit levis jeans.

I didn't get to see a doctor today because I had guard duty this evening which was, thankfully, canceled last minute, when two extra guard came to take our place.

So I got home and ransacked my chamber of secrets where all my past medications are amassed since BTM. Haha!

I think I'll just see the MO tomorrow.


Sunday, July 08, 2007


Melbourne or Perth?

I can't decide!

Anyway, I went to busk this evening and made a whopping $72 for just 2 hours! And effectively, I'm getting 60 cents for every minute of singing! Oh my tian! Hah. I reckon I could go on like this every Sunday to finance my week's expenses.


"The grass is always greener on the other side."

Hah! I'm suddenly reminded of the green Live Earth campaign.

I swear I have heard this saying at least one zillion times since the day I was anointed with illiteracy. And this highly suggests that covetousness is so embedded in the human DNA that we have to struggle so hard to break away from it. Ahhh.. tell me if I'm making sense.

As I witnessed my friend who had just broken up with his girlfriend, I somewhat heaved a sign of relief, subconsciously realizing that I was actually spared of these entanglements right at this moment.

Saturday, July 07, 2007


I thought this photo looked kinda cute!

Thursday, July 05, 2007


I just jammed with a couple of guys I knew online.

And I felt like a total noob! The lead guitarist was fantastic. He could almost shred! The drummer was versatile and the bassist did lotsa funk rhythm.

Me? Ehhh.. I tried singing to la la and da da with as I attempt to recall the lyric.

I see a future with these guys and hope to perform in a few gigs with them before setting off for further studies!

Ahh.. I can't wait to ORD.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


My face couldn't get more oily than that! Hah.

Sunday, July 01, 2007


I experimented with some busking at Orchard underpass today.

And I made some money for myself! $28.60 in total for less than 90 minutes of singing with the guitar. Hah!

Finally, I'm paid more than a Mac Donald staff! Hah!


I'm so excited!

I might be studying in Aussie next year!

I'm going to do a BA in Communications Studies.