Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Edmond, oh yes - Edmond recently sent me an SMS saying that he had found some photos which belonged to me while he was clearing his room. So we met for dinner this evening and chatted about the old times in Crystal Tabernacle, the old TIPS ministry which he (and many others) fondly embraced and the mundane things in life back at his place.

His place hasn't changed one bit except for a new Yamaha digital piano that stood at a corner which an altar once presided. I saw the same old television in the living room, the same old messy sofa with clothings over and the same old DELL 17 inch CRT monitor that stood the test of time. But behold, a new white MAC keyboard?! Whola!

Some memories with Edmond.

I knew Edmond in church back in 2001. (I think?) And thank God for this brother and friend who was there for me during my worst moments in 2002 (I think? haha) wallowing over a broken relationship, dwelling in self sympathy and getting drunk in my pathetic stupor. Hah. I can still recall those amusing moments at the West Coast basketball court with Jiemin!

And by this time, you probably want to see what were the photos I gave to Edmond some donkey years back for safe-keeping yea?

Hah. Gotcha!


At 1:55 AM, Blogger Edmond said...

Hey I was suprise U took the efffort and was able to even dig up photos that I don't even have. Can U send me all the photos u've posted to just1ed@gmail.com?

At 1:57 AM, Blogger Edmond said...

And yes. Thanks for thanking me, I appreciate it. I'm glad that u're growing. When U mentioned the times that we played CS on my com and the things the tabbers did in muay house, really brings back lots of memories. All of us have changed though. I hope in a better way. =)


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