Sunday, April 30, 2006


I haven't been writing any songs recently. Gee. Both my acoustic and electric guitar are at someone else's hands. And I'm considering whether to buy a Takamine G Series. Phew.. For the first time, every minute I have on mainland seems exceptionally precious to me. There is so much to do within so little time. Oh time.

As much as I detest the present rigid and regimental lifestyle, my experience so far in the army has revealed and taught me alot. I'm glad that I'm now beginning to be grateful for every little thing, which I once had taken for granted. I guess many times in life, we learn to know what sweetness is after tasting bitter. It's such a humane thing again, isn't it?

Yesterday whilst strolling along Orchard Road, I was warmly greeted by the dubbed Youngest Busker In Singapore. Sitting behind a set of Tama drumset, there was 6 year old Ethan Ong who was accompanied by his father. Having picked up drumming at age 2, Ethan is a prodigy. He could literally play far better than any of the drummers I have seen in my past gigs and auditions! This little talent is a Singapore wonder! I even joked to Dee beside, I'll get him to play in my band!

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Rushed off to Church of St. Anthony after service to witness my cousin's wedding ceremony. It was such a beautiful sight watching the newly wed couple walking down the aisle with tears of joy in their eyes.

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Suddenly, a crappie thought came across my head. When shall I get married? Heh.

But before anything, ahem .. who wants to marry me? (:

Saturday, April 15, 2006


Check out this face recognition site which matches your face to a celebrity!

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Friday, April 14, 2006


Listening to Bo Bice.

Sheesh. I'm such a sucker for pirated music. Dating some 7 years back, the inaugural Peer to Peer (P2P) music sharing program called Napster was conceived and became immensely popular with music fanatics around the globe who love downloading music for free. And of course, that ignited the fury of record labels and music artistes who had their intelletual property stolen and unlawfully redistributed. So after a spate of dishelved lawsuits filed against the former, Napster was officially taken down. Almost immediately, AudioGalaxy came into the picture, subsituting the former and was also brought down by the court. Since then, countless of P2P programs were spawned to perform the ahem same purpose. Let's see what's on our list - Kazaa, Bearshare, Wiremesh, Bittorrent, Limewire, blah?

Woots! Crown me Pirate King and I shall let you in one secret of mine. Back then in secondary 1, I used to earn some extra bucks by selling burned CD songs to my classmates who did not know the existence of CD burners. Muhahaha..

Now, let me amuse you with this photo which Johnny sent me earlier. I don't mean to be rude. But this is really some slapstick. Ha!

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Stress Test : Click on the photo to enlarge

In case you're wondering what that was (which you should anyway) , allow me to explain that these constructions workers were conducting what you would term an escalator stress test. Hehe. Seemed like it all went well! Speaking of which, the reminiscence of that Bangla's flasher incident had just hit my head with a smack! Piak! Grr ..

Anyway, today's good friday. So we got to book out the day before. Ha!

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Jinyi's patented look! Heh!

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And guess who this is? Heh. Click on enlarge.

Sunday, April 09, 2006


Listening to Carrie Underwood whilst typing this entry. Oh and by the way, you can listen to her songs by visiting her site as hyperlinked above cus it's flash embeded. Ha!

Behold! Kevin's ferried to mainland, back for another pathetic weekend break! PTP phase is finally over! Time for the live rifles and grenades to roll in! *clap clap Jaguar*

We had a 2nd IPPT test on friday. And check out these updates!

Chin-Ups : 11 (4 points; improved from the previous 8)
Standing Broad Jump : 221 cm (2 points; improved from 203 cm)
Shuttle Run : 10.2 seconds (4 points; deproved from 10.1 seconds)
Sit Ups : 41 (5 points; maintained the usual >40)
2.4 Run : Approx 11:40 minute (2 points; maintained)

Total Points: 17 points!
Verdict: Upz LAH!

I have also recently gotten myself an Apple iPOD Nano at a pretty good deal, as part of Apple's 30th anniversary sale. I paid S$395 for a 4GB model alongside with a free power charger which worth 50 bucks. How can I not SMIRK?! Nehehe! Prior to buying, I was actually contemplating whether to get the Creative Nano Plus instead of the much coveted Apple Nano due to price difference. Apple products, without a doubt, has the edge over the aesthetic factor. And on the other hand, Creative products seem to me like cheap circuit boards encapsulated with china-made plastic covers.

Sunday, April 02, 2006


I finally got the time to pen an entry after I last did some 3 weeks ago.

I'm booking in today at 1900. Technically I have about 10 hours on mainland before Penguin Express transports us back to Pulao Tekong. So, how's the army life? Everyone seems to be asking the same question and ruffling my 'hair' at the same time. Think Sherry! Ha.

The army is quite a fun but challenging experience. It is a tough training ground. Besides mere physical strength, the mental strength is constantly battled, provoked and strengthened. You learn to obey and execute commands like robots. Also surprisingly, I have put on some decent amount of weight since the first day of enlistment. Woots!

Some interesting stuff to note:

i) The food served in the cook-house, contrary to public opinion, is very much comparable to your average hawker food.

ii) You are somewhat influenced to a wide volcabulary of vulgarities in there.

iii) You inevitably get to glace at at least 7 butt cracks and gentials on an average day.

iv) Contrary to public opinion again, it's not that easy to pick up smoking. Remember that cigarettes are scared there.

v) The net value of a recruit amasses to the value of an algae. We are possibly the lowest life form.

Some weekly updates
  • I've passed my 2.4km with 11 minute 40 seconds! Woots!
  • I survived 4km route march with FBO. Almost died!
  • Failed standing board jump. Damn!
Okay, gotta run now for church. Will embark on my shopping spree after service. More cup noodles and oreos for the week! Ha!

Till then, tada!