Thursday, November 30, 2006


If there's one thing I should hate myself for, it's transparency. Some friend of mine once commented that my blog is like reality television in print. Okay, to start things with, I don't exactly write everything, but there is certainly some some things that are very close to my heart.

Oh blah.

I have every reason to look back and reflect on whatever that has been happening lately. My life story seems to be rolling at twice its usual speed. As a matter of fact, there is a great deal to thank God for. And on the other hand, there're some serious issues that require more of my time and attention. And so I begin to wonder. Like old times.

What I'm about to mention next is personally provocative. In fact, it's a revelation. And revelation differs from mere knowlege. Because when you know it, you know it therefore you know it and hence you really know it. I hope my metaphor isn't confusing you. I have my own private little hypothesis - though chancy but robustly testifiable. And this punctuates the highlight of my entire post - the revelation. Hence the title.

Each time I steer away from God, things around me will start to crumble - subtly but surely. And sometimes it happens behind my back without my conscious knowledge. And of course, there are times when I try to justify that things are alright when they somehow really seem that they do! Hah. This is the tricky part. But at the back of my mind, I sense an immient lurking danger, which I often overlook its existence.

When ignorance isn't so blissful afterall!

You know how I agree when pastor said that a person's life won't change over time. You fall into the same pit and keep thinking that your situation will improve the next time round. And before you could realise, the vicious cycle has already passed its 100th stage. A life transformed requires the renewing of the mind. Sometimes in life, we all need a shock of revelation, conviction and a firm yet gentle slap on the back.

Like *piak*

Like what my friend taught me, she said that - whatever that does not kill you only makes you stronger. And so I derive this - shit makes you strong when you don't die eating from it.

Oh crap. Good night!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


We were just bored. (:

Sunday, November 26, 2006


I've been surprisingly busy recently and I'm still trying to figure out why. And in case if you're wondering, NO - I do not operate on a pirated DVD business. Haha!

In the past, I used to adore a hectic lifestyle. During those period, I reckoned that work - other than playing warcraft - was the best kind of distraction to my erratic emotional lapse. But now, finding a quiet moment to savour is becoming a serious issue. Okay, this might also be attributed to my multitasking nature, like how I would love to wash my hair with my left hand and brush my teeth with the other in the shower.

If only there are 40 hours a day. Or 50. Today, unlike the rest of the other sardine-packed weekends, was wonderful. I spent the entire day with my family (something which happened some donkey years ago) at an uncle's place for a birthday celebration. And there was a silent reverie and a secret musing that blanketed me. I really enjoyed that tranquility as I worked on my Mac at a humble corner of a study room.

Oh, bliss!

Have you been to Orchard lately? The Christmas lightings are up, and this year, they appear extra beauteous - some word I fished out from the thesaurus! I call it, aestheticism at its finest! Okay, maybe to the rest, it's just another year of fanciful festive lightings. But it is special to me, and trust me, I have yet to figure out why. Hah. Guess some things do not require a reason.

Like how some fatuous lovers would claim, you don't need a reason to love me! Oh love me baby!

Saturday, November 25, 2006


I finally found some time to blog. This is so unlike the past when I could blog like literally everyday. And on some days, I would, infact, pen more than 1 entry! But at least I'm updating this weekly yea? Hah. This is going to be a pretty lengthy post. So do make your way to the pantry and get yourself a nice cup of coffee or a brownie topped with vanilla gelato whilst you continue with the rest of your reading. Enjoy!

I would start off with thanksgiving! It is written that thanksgiving is an excellent spiritual weapon for overcoming physical and spiritual challenges! And no demon can stand against a heartfelt praise to God!


The year is drawing closer to its end as I look back at all the events and changes that have happened to me for the past trying months. They're really trying, and trust me I'm not attempting to over-rate or exaggerate to win over sympathy points. And as far as I'm concerned, God has time and time again proven Himself to be benevolent, unsparing and bounteous. Aren't you glad that you're also worshipping a God who is unbashfully omnipotent in nature?

When I first entered the army early this year, I prayed to God and asked for a believer buddy whom could support me spiritually and also from succumbing to the notorious ways. And there was Ngu, (the buddy with the million dollar hair-style) whose perpetual encouragement and nagging have helped significantly in my walk with God. I may not be perfect now, though neither are you. But I'm glad I'm standing on higher grounds today.

Secondly, I thank God for my used-to-be spiritual seniors. I really appreciate their kind understanding and support in one of the most critical decisions I had made this year.

I used to struggle alot in BMT in the area of route marches. Fast marches had many times reduced and killed me and that made march the popular hit on my MHL (MOST HATE LIST). And so I prayed and told God that I would love to be in any unit that excludes marches. Hah. What a funny prayer really! And there, I passed my auditions in MDC but was rejected in the end due to my PES status. And here I am now, a proud techie! Heh. Some techies are required to stay-in camp by their units. And just before we received our posting, I was frantically praying and praying. And hey! God has once again blessed me with a stay-out unit!


God has also blessed me with numerous recouncillation amongst my friends. Too many details involved and thus I shall spare you the details.


Last but not least, there was Manda (a blessing like an star that had fell from the skies :P ) for being such a great and sweet support. (:

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


We were just in time for Casino Royale, the new 007 James Bond sequel with a new lead!

And yes - it certainly feels different altogether. This time, Daniel Craig has taken over Pierce Brosnan who was predessor to Sean Connery & Roger Moore. Correct me if I'm wrong. But that is what a Bond fanatic site revealed.

And as you can see, the photos only get better and the barrel surprisingly longer. Haha.. technology.

Roger Moore

Sean Connery

Pierce Brosnan

Daniel Craig

Sunday, November 19, 2006


Thanks giving of the month:

Silver for IPPT

As the title suggests, I've just gotten silver award for my IPPT! This is especially astonishing for a lazy person like myself who would rather play DOTA than to work out in my gym. God was gracious and it was evident that His favour was upon me throughout the test, so much so, as to cause the conducting officer to pass me when I should have failed! Hah! Okay to sum it up, I had only gotten 2 points for my standing board jump but was awarded 3 in the end - so as to qualify for silver.

And that means, 100 bucks more added to my next payslip!

Greater Sense Of Conviction

I've been relatively consistent attending Sunday sermons, *ahem* , despite being late ocassionally. Hah. And as the word mentions, faith comes by hearing. And I'm both glad and excited that my heart is stirred up, my ears are opened and my soul is empowered to do more than I can ever imagine. I will spare you guys the details for the time being. Hah.

More randoms!

Saturday, November 18, 2006


I won't consider myself much of a fan of mandarin pop songs. But this song Feng by Jay Chou really captivated me and I'm thus so gonna learn to play it on the piano. Hoho!

Just came back from Manda's 21st birthday party. I was so tired I overslept in the train. Oh crap.

Oh anyway ..



As I've mentioned previously, I was rather irked by the perpetual irritating reminder that my version of Windows isn't genuine.

So I did a search on google and - oh yeah - I found a solution! So if you're facing the same predicament, you can safely refer to the steps as mentioned here. Or to cut things short, just download and run this patch! And after it bypasses the WGA validation and make Microsoft believes that your copy of Windows is genuine, you can update your Windows!


I'm sweet but evil. RAR.

Thursday, November 16, 2006


I'm on off today! Hah! And that finally leaves me some time to do my chores at home - stuff like tidying up my desk, clearing the bin, reading up on my half-written books and reformating my computer with *drum rolls* Windows Vista!

I had enough with Windows XP Genuine Advantage Nag screen. Argghhh!

Okay if Windows Vista even sounds foreign to you, let me digress and explain a glimpse of today's technology to you. Windows Vista, formerly codenamed LongHorn, is the name of the latest release of Microsoft Windows. According to the manufacturer, this new operating system boasts of hundred of new features, of which some of the most significant include an updated graphical user interface, visual style dubbed Windows Aero, improved searching features and state of security. Some reviews I read from this week of Digital Life revealed that these new features are a ripped-off from the MAC OS. Oh well, we shall see how Vista fares when it becomes broadly available as a stand-alone product or pre-installed on new PCs on January 30, 2007.

Okay, are you lost betwixt the world of technical jargons? Hah!

Some happenings recently. My parents were back from ShangHai last week. Oh those lucky people! Humphh.. And where was I? Hah! I was in camp protecting my nation! Hah!

And in the evening, Chad and Manda crashed the grandfather's party @ my place. Hoho!

Monday, November 13, 2006


I realised I haven't been blogging for a while. Even Manda noticed!

Oh, haha!

Some recent news worthy of your attention - especially if you're a leecher like myself. On 11 Nov, the frontage of The Straits Times was punched with the headline "Teen, 17, first to be charged with unauthorised wireless Net access" nicely beside a picture of the seemingly apathetic looking offender.

It's a real sad case. And no, I'm not shitting you!

Read the full article here.

Some real randoms.