Monday, July 31, 2006


After much sorting out, the photos taken amount to a whopping 480MB! Well done people for all that frenzy snapping! Haha. Thanks to those who came and made my 21st eve special. Hah!

A couple of shout-outs!

The Church Peeps

Thanks to Eugene who helped with the organization of the people.

And to Richard for being such a great helper with the cooking. My Mum was impressed! Surprised? Hah!

And to Joshua who lugged my beefy Line 6 Spider II kickass amplifier and electric guitar back.

And to Clara who was like ever super cute and forever making heads turn.

And to Jazlyn whose smile makes me smile!

And to Daniel who probably ate alot. Haha!

And to Weiliang who bought the gayish pink vangard sheet! Thanks for choosing the BBQ over your precious NDP preview, which are typically similar every year or so. You might as well watch the parade on television at the comfort of some popcorns on your hands! Hah!

And to Jing Yi who is such a caring sister to me. Just wanna tell you that I appreciate your concern in every way. And I'm learning hard to be a good boy. Heh.

And to William who also celebrated his birthday with me. He's 23 by the way!

And to JunWei who was so engrossed with the Chivas! Hah. Drinking is good! But watch that belly! Heh!

And to Eunice who tried to be comical and actually succeeded! Yay!

The Other Peeps

Thanks to Sherry, my pretty neighbour who came and brought in another chiobu! Ahem. Haha!

And to Xiao Qing, the supposed chiobu who also caused several heads to turn. PS: My friends are just desperate. Hah!

And to Jacqueline who specially came down early to help. Do you know that your present (let's call her Kelly haha!) accompanies me to sleep each night? Heh.

And to Edmond who came along with his new kickass Salomon skates. I'm sorry I put you C130 in the afternoon. Hah. Promise it won't happen again.

And to Clarence who ended up eating most of my durian cakes!

And to Faith who has grown sweeter and prettier since secondary school!

And to Connie who came to celebrate her birthday together with me! You've also grown prettier! Muacks! Haha!

The Musical Peeps

Thanks to August who helped with the coordination with the people! You were a great help!

And to Si Ying who kissed me infront of my Mum. Muhahaha!

And to Ken who came! I hope there was sufficient fried rice for everyone! Hah!

And to Tanya for that pink toy prick, which my brother now plays with!

The BTT2 Horny Bastards

Big Thanks to Benedict (aka Bend Ya Dick) for contributing your Volka and being such a great help in the afternoon! Ben actually helped me pick a Polo Ralph shirt and carried satays to my place! He has that vibes man!

Bigger Thanks to Ivan who contributed the Chivas and baked the lovely Tiramisu cake for me! My parents were so so so impressed! Thanks a million dude!

And to Ngu who was forever looking like he had just smoked crack. Heh. And don't think that I do not know that it was you who rubbed cake on my face before they dunked me! RAR!

And to Oon Shaun, who was perpetually going "It's all good!" It's so stucked in my head now la! Just like 2nd nature to me! Woots!

And to Qi Xiang who molests me all the time and fancy trying to strip my pants in front of everyone at the BBQ?! Mother *&(~!!#&*#@ Holy Monday! *Chants* Hah!

The BMT Dudes

Thanks to Wayne who helped with the coordination and everyone who bought me the Domachi shirt! Hah!

And to the rest of those not mentioned here, thanks for making that little difference inspite of pissing me off a little on that day! Hah!

Sunday, July 30, 2006


See Clara! I told you so! Hah

And today Jasmine said I resemble Project Superstar Hong JunYang. Now, I'm feeling super flattered. Heh.

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Isn't it so annoying when you find yourself liking someone yet not able to understand why?

It's like, "Dammit, why am I feeling this way? WHY?" Frustrated and perplexed, you gradually find yourself pouting and cringing to that thought. You discover that your heart is as delicate as Agar Agar. Tough on the outside yet extremely vulnerable on the inside.

And there flows the tingles/impulse/emo-chemistry/electricity/whatever that creeps through your spine. That biting of lips when the person enters the room. That awkward but tender sensation when he/she flashes that casual yet endearing smile. And oh, how you realised you've been blushing for no apparent reason for the past 15 minutes!

If only you could capture that affection like a firefly and put it in a jar next to your bed, it would be sweet.


The gang came up with a new game today!

And the bunch of us all agreed on this over lunch. We haven't really thought of a name for this but simply, the first person of us who gets a wet dream before everyone else wins the game. And we also pledged to abstain from wanking amidst the duration of this competition. Well, as a matter of fact, such abstinence is essential to winning. And quite interestingly, Ngu suggested that we are to keep a private notebook beside our bed and record whatever vivid details we get in our head whenever we wake up wet.

It's lame actually, and it's just so retarded! Muhahaha.


OMG!!!! I don't wanna be 21!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Nothing beats that bowl of throughly soaked koko crunch plunged in a tasty pool of cold milk. Yum Yum!

I just dig koko crunch so blurdy much and I don't know why.

Some people like to eat it hard and crunchy. For myself, I love them spongy in my mouth. It definitely gets betters when the both ends starts to curl after a long dip in milk. Oh how I love it! Hah!

I need somebody to love.

Sometimes, I wonder. Can God be as tangible as the air I'm breathing now? Someone once said this, you may not be able to see it, but you can defintely feel it when the gentle breeze brushes your skin and ignite those senses of yours.

Guess I want more than just a whirl of rushing air.

Sorry Jesus.

Saturday, July 22, 2006


Thanks Ben for your invitation to the Gig. Both Seal and myself had a great time on stage! And for those who came to support us, you rock man! Hah!

Covering Everywhere unplugged

Ngu Gets Punkd!

Friday, July 21, 2006


A rebound is a bad medicine.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Hah! I realised I'm so busy every night that I only have time to blog in the morning - like now - 6.29AM!

We have tentatively confirmed the slot for my playtime this friday, 21st July, at Republic Poly. Seal and myself will be doing our 20 minute set at approximately 9PM. And here're the lineups on my side. Hah. I choose the easy way out by singing really simple songs la! Hah!

  1. It's You (My all time favourite original - take a listen here)
  2. True by Ryan Cabrera
  3. You And I Both by Jason Mraz
By the way, the committee has kindly given me 10 complimentary tickets. So please highlight to me early, otherwise you might have to pay for your entrance - which isn't alot of money anyway . Heh.

Your laughter rings like a melody; your smile's a divine work of art ..

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

<-- T.A.N

You're lovely and lovable (:

Saturday, July 15, 2006


How would you like a pinch! Hah!


My tag board is down! Oh gee!

Yesterday was cool. The guys went to play DOTA at Paradiz and I was totally owned. Let me recall.. what were my stats? Kills: 5 Death: 15. I was stucked to Bone Fletcher all the time. And seemingly in the newer versions of DOTA, Bone really sucks as compared to those of the previous. Superman was forgoed; I had to disappoint Ngu. Haha. Crashed at Ngu's place for the night and chatted with NAT till 3. Oh! Ngu stoodby and kept her entertained too - whilst I went to brush my teeth! Haha! She's so cute. And who dates at primary 6? Sheesh! I've guard duty tomorrow therefore I would have to give service a miss. And after all that amound of REDS, the normal mentol lights have ceased to give me those dreaful dizzy spells. Anyway peeps, please avail yourself on the 29th. Something's in store! Hah! If you're getting pressies, please take note!


You probably won't understand a thing I have just blattered, but it's okay. And to Tanya, or was it Michelle? Thanks! Hah.

I'm smiling. Hah.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Thanks babe for helping me design this! Muacks! Haha! Purple's gay man! LOL. Will confirm the venue soon!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I must have been blessed to have gotta a seriously crazy class sardine-packed with people who talks about sex and molestation half the time. OMG. Save me from this place man! BTT22 rocks!

Let's party together some time soon. And yes, this time we'll hang around Hereen to check out the IJ chicks. Ong you lead! Hah!

Monday, July 10, 2006


To those who have been really sweet today - Jazlyn, Tanya, Timonthy, Pastor Jeoffrey.

To those who have been really cool today - Gene, Joshua, Edmund, Weiliang, William, Daniel, Wantian.

To those who have been really pretty today - Clara. Hah!

To those who have been really interesting today - Eunice. Heh!

To those who have been really anal-ish today - None.

To the one who has been exceptionally helpful today - My ever lovely mum who specially prepared pasta for breakfast and got really mad at me because I had to rush to church before I could taste any of her cooking. Oh mummy ..

Ryan Cabrera's True is constantly on repeat mode on my iTune. This song is part of our lineup for the gig at Republic Poly. Wheet!

click to enlarge

Teen Spirit Turns Retard

Sunday Blues

Saturday, July 08, 2006


I've updated the gallery. Go check it out.


The God idea is immiently shrinking almost silently and doubtlessly. This is flawless as much as dubious. Besides, what do we call an indefinite truth? Oh, watch how it contradicts.

Someone once told me this. Only the weak needs a supernatural - someone full of divinity and almost unbelievable power who can miraculously alleviate a certain pain or change a bad situation around. Or perhaps, God is the creation of the meek, lonely and helpless.

Many a times, we encounter events in life that stumble and cause us to walk in spirals for a period of time. The strong gets off fast, whilst the weak-minded traps himself in the vicious and arduous entanglement. They fall, pick themselves up and painfully discover themselves still ambling on the same route.

If you wonder, your past defines your present. And a miracle could transform your future. Some people call this eternal life while the rest defines this as a positive state of mind. Either which, they stand to gain from that optimism. Now, what did I choose?


The morning phone call woke me up from my sleep. In fact, it was the vibration of the call alert that hit me on my head.

Hello, I tried to identify the caller.

Oh that was someone from my camp, uh huh?

Are you free to do guard duty now? We've used up our stand-bys and we're desperate, the person replied.

I reasoned and gave a swift no, I've got some serious appointments today - which is true anyway. Though I feel really bad later.

If another soldier is caught in such a sticky situation, he perhaps would have retorted with the infamous, don't make your problem my problem you understand! And how is such a statement supposed to bolster or gratify in the cohesion of our team? Aren't we supposed to work in unison, like red in our national flag which symbolizes brotherhood?

Oh well, this is a perplexing world of double standards sardined-packed with self-centering idealogy. And crap, I've been seeing her in my dreams. And it usually ends up in a happy ending contrary to the past. This is as exasperatingly weird as it sounds. It's like how you have bad dreams over the same scenerios for a period of time and then you get the opposite after something drastic happens. The human mind is unfanthomable.

And what?

We only use less than one-tenth of our brain?


I was really lazy to do this but because Eunice asked, I shall just put up the photos taken last sunday.

They say that there's a hero in everyone of us. Oh, what was that song? Mariah Carey's Hero, I remember. For myself, it seems like there exists a rebel instead. This is not triggered by a past infliction or bad experience. It has absolutely nothing to do with any form of girls, boys, parents, dog, cats or whatsoever. My closer mates tend to ask me this, why do you still look back at the past? I guess I'm forever stucked with a perception that my life could have been much better should I have choosen a different route in the past. But then, every decision made certainly defines who you are right now. I could have been an articulated and confident dude who knows nothing about music yet waiting to enter a local university. I could have .. I could have .. I could have .. Seriously, how many could have-s do we have in life?

Possibly zilch.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


I'm most probably playing in a gig with Seal on the 21st July @ Republic Poly. Who wants seats? Heh.

click to enlarge

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


I just realised of the many things I have to blog about tonight!

Yesterday I had guard duty in camp so that explains why I wasn't online - like for the first time! Nevertheless, thank God that the night didn't suck as much as we initially thought. Dinner was served hot and tasty. And we only had one turn-out! To think I even did the flag raising ceremony - like for the first time again! I was put charge of the prowling duties and my mate and myself had a good time walking around the perimeters endlessly whilst discussing about the world's most enigmatic creatures - girls.

Like since when they aren't misleading, vague and ambiguous?

Since the infancy of mankind, girls have shown to possess an innate ability to speak in a cryptic and almost indecipherable language.

The boy would ask her, do you really love me, babe?

And she replies, maybe.

Perplexed, the boy persisted, what do you mean by maybe?

So she retorts, means maybe yes, maybe no.

How VERY precise, my lady!

So what happens in the end? The boys would end up misinterpreting the davinci code and more often than not - when both parties end up falling apart, the former would shoulder most of the responsibility. Then the girls would go on telling their friends what an ass we had been.

That was how words like bastards, assholes, morons, imbeciles, cheaters were introduced into the oxford dictionary.

Could all these adversity have been prevented - if we have been smarter? Our lament, they don't recognize, do they?

Oh well. Like what Lee used to say, Same Shit Different Day.

Last saturday was piano hunting day. I wanted to get a piano and August kindly agreed to help me out pick a good model. So we went to Plaza Singapura to check out on the Yamaha and later on to Paragon for the Kawai.

Oh the way, Tanya came and she bullied me. Heh. Halfway, there was also young drummer Ethan Ong busking outside Ngee Ann City and we all stopped to watch in amazement!

If you're experiencing a poor playback, click on the Pause button to allow the buffering to complete before resuming the video.

The day was crazy. August was all fun-loving and Tanya continued bullying me. Heh! After checking out the pianos from both sides, we finally decided on the Kawai. The Yamaha keys were hard and the sound was pretty distasteful. It wasn't appealing price-wise either. On the other hand, the Kawai piano resonated a brighter texture and the medium hard keys were highly sensitive and sexy to play with. That baby would cost me 7k. Now, I'm really thinking.

The evening rushed and we decided to crash Tanya's place for soccer.

Mr Crappie doing Britney!

If you're experiencing a poor playback, click on the Pause button to allow the buffering to complete before resuming the video.

Oops Darn! She Saw!

If you're experiencing a poor playback, click on the Pause button to allow the buffering to complete before resuming the video.

May Your Heart - piano performed by August.
You must must must must watch this!

If you're experiencing a poor playback, click on the Pause button to allow the buffering to complete before resuming the video.

May Your Heart

Words & Tune : Kelvin Fok
Arrangement : August Lum

I can't read the future
Don't know how long it'll be
I know it takes alot of courage
Just to give your heart away

I wonder if this would work out
So uncertain how it'll start
But I know, I know I'm loving you

There's so little I have to say
Three words you wanna hear
If there's one thing I'd wish for in this life
I will show you how much I care
I would do anything
May your heart reside in mine

We can't change the past
Or the dreams that we all share
But are you willing just to hold on
Cus time will bring us there

There's nothing we can't overcome
And nothing that we should fear
Cus you know, you know
I feel for you

I believe that the stars will
Unfold your heart each night
With a little bit of sunshine
Will dry the tears away

Saturday, July 01, 2006


A real pirate has no shame because ..

click image to enlarge

David calls me a He-slut. I wonder what that means.

I finally bought the album Piano Spa after a quick search at THE CD SHOP with Gina. Thanks for all that shopping guidance! Hah. Girls really make good shopping partners. And picking a nice pair of ear rings can be a tough job - for a guy. Like seriously!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Met the guys after that. Strolling along Orchard, we stopped to watch the endless chain of band performances. So that was Orchard Jam!

Gee, how that reminds me of the defunct Bitter Liberty.

After watching several groups perform, I had this rush to perform too. Just like old times! Clara's friend is offering me a slot to play at Republic Poly on the 21st July. I need a band! Ahhhhhhh..

We pre-celebrated Clarence's birthday yesterday. Check out the pixs!