Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Today is likely the most humid day I've ever experienced. The local weather humidity index is scaling at a whopping 89%! Alas! Our poor lungs are so inflicted. And not to mention our skin so soaked in sticky perspiration. No, it's water vapor! And more vapor!

Here's a lefty load of information about humidity on Wikipedia.

And a nice green setting amidst where we live in to remind everyone to save the earth!

And while applying for my student visa, I was very much taken aback by the following question:

Have you committed or be involved in the commission of war crimes or crimes against humanity or human rights?

I wished I had written something silly like,

Yea BALLS. Worked part-time for Hitler for a while.

But of course, that would just jeopardize my application.

Hah. The boyfriend's smarter than that.


Here's a list of what my babe wants to do with me.

And if we do have the chance, I would actually also like to do these sometime ..
  • Getting wasted in a Halloween mask
  • Painting your toe nails green
  • Tickling your feets
  • Poking your underarms (subjected to approval)
  • Give you electric shocks by your rib cages
  • Biting your ears
  • Skinny dipping (subjected to approval)
  • Play ping-pong
  • Trekking Bukit Timah Hill
  • Sunbathing
  • Catching a nap together (subjected to approval)
  • Wall painting
  • Reading in the library
  • Playing air-hockey
  • Eating ice cream
and many more! Just haven't think of it!

Sunday, April 27, 2008


The chick with the biceps! No kidding!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


It's 15 minutes past 12 and I've decided to heed my baby's advice to sleep early. So I should be done with this post in the next 30 minutes. Other days, I could still be battling monsters right till 3AM, which somewhat causes my panda eyes to form. According to a hearsay, the human skin is said to replenish at its optimum over 3 hours between 11PM to 2AM every night.

So if you would like some perfect and beautiful skin, you've then got to allow your body to enjoy that sufficient rest during those periods.

But on the average, a typical working adult sleeps at 12 midnight and wakes up by 8 in the morning. The typical parent, or rather my own parents leave for work by 9AM and only reach back by 10PM. So sometimes we dine at 10.30 or 11PM. Pretty much supper time for most people by then. But I'll probably get a cultural shock in Australia when they pull their shuttles at 5PM.

So I guess I'll just spend my time in the dense vegetation of Perth mugging and strumming my guitar.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


I'm a little overburnt from work. At least that's what my mind is telling me. But I'm still hanging on, so don't worry.

Still, I thank God everytime, for His sovereignty remains the same.

I had a glimpse that life would be challenging. But not to the point of exhaustion when reality smacks me on my face. I'm reduced to a workaholic with a vicious 50 hours per week schedule.

At the same time, the world is screaming at me to avail more time. But sorry mates, I don't have time to fellowship because I don't want to. And if you need to know why, I'm tired. How's that? Bleak and blatant.

But I'm looking forward to July when my contract matures. I'll have more time to be myself by then.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


I drafted a new song and titled it Greatest Gift.

To listen, download it here.


I think of you dearly so every night
I miss the way you'd gently hold me tight
And all the times you rest your head on mine
Makes me feel that everything's alright

You hold my heart so closely to yours too
It tells me that you love me yes you do
And you deserve so much more than this
I promise I'll love you endlessly

I see you in my dreams
And there you'll here with me
That you love me in my life
You're the greatest gift I can find

Friday, April 11, 2008


I was listening to Home by Westlife, a song originally written for popular jazz artiste Michael Bublé and was immediately smittened. The song was actually composed by someone of the name Alan Chang. How oriental!

I'm immersed with work recently. I work 50 hours a week. And that breaks down to 10 a day. What a holistic number! But it's taking its toll on me. But I figured that this is the kind of life to expect upon working full time after graduation. So here's just a prelude to my next 4 decades of torment. Brimstone and burning sulphur. Ouch!

But as much as I want to be financially adept and never having to worry about money, I also want quality time with people I love. It's a shame that people nowadays are working so hard for money and not investing enough into meaningful relationships, which in my opinion is a critical part of being simply human. We're made to be relational, not robotic.

Now that I'm bounded by legal paper, I have so little to do what I've always loved. Like spending time with my baby, going to church on Sundays and having dinner at 8PM.

PS: Each time you think of me, know that I miss you more :D

MUSHY STUFF. Romance flows in my blood man.

And some photos taking during the making of SunShine Girl!

Monday, April 07, 2008


My first ever directed MTV - SUNSHINE GIRL!

Dedicated to Miranda, our beloved CGL! (:


I have not blogged for more than 2 weeks and that's only because I have been so busy at work!

Anyway this is mutt-rocker-myself in black. And with some mascara and black painted nails, people could really mistaken me for a grotesque black metal rock star wannabe. Also known as the Mutt-yo-yo. Hah.

But that was all because of a bizarre combination of my brother's skinny jeans , my dad's leather shoes and Ping's The Beatles t-shirt. Oh, the underpants mine anyway.

And it's Miranda's 26 birthday today!


May you Zhao Shen Gui Zi!