Friday, April 11, 2008


I was listening to Home by Westlife, a song originally written for popular jazz artiste Michael Bublé and was immediately smittened. The song was actually composed by someone of the name Alan Chang. How oriental!

I'm immersed with work recently. I work 50 hours a week. And that breaks down to 10 a day. What a holistic number! But it's taking its toll on me. But I figured that this is the kind of life to expect upon working full time after graduation. So here's just a prelude to my next 4 decades of torment. Brimstone and burning sulphur. Ouch!

But as much as I want to be financially adept and never having to worry about money, I also want quality time with people I love. It's a shame that people nowadays are working so hard for money and not investing enough into meaningful relationships, which in my opinion is a critical part of being simply human. We're made to be relational, not robotic.

Now that I'm bounded by legal paper, I have so little to do what I've always loved. Like spending time with my baby, going to church on Sundays and having dinner at 8PM.

PS: Each time you think of me, know that I miss you more :D

MUSHY STUFF. Romance flows in my blood man.

And some photos taking during the making of SunShine Girl!


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