Wednesday, April 23, 2008


It's 15 minutes past 12 and I've decided to heed my baby's advice to sleep early. So I should be done with this post in the next 30 minutes. Other days, I could still be battling monsters right till 3AM, which somewhat causes my panda eyes to form. According to a hearsay, the human skin is said to replenish at its optimum over 3 hours between 11PM to 2AM every night.

So if you would like some perfect and beautiful skin, you've then got to allow your body to enjoy that sufficient rest during those periods.

But on the average, a typical working adult sleeps at 12 midnight and wakes up by 8 in the morning. The typical parent, or rather my own parents leave for work by 9AM and only reach back by 10PM. So sometimes we dine at 10.30 or 11PM. Pretty much supper time for most people by then. But I'll probably get a cultural shock in Australia when they pull their shuttles at 5PM.

So I guess I'll just spend my time in the dense vegetation of Perth mugging and strumming my guitar.


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