Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Everyone needs a new place to call home sometimes.

I've moved -

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I'm wondering if I should switch to wordpress. Someone advise me!

Monday, November 17, 2008


Some random shots taken today.


I don't think Xiang Jing will actually see this but if he does, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! On behalf of all the comrades in W408, thank you for the party and your time with us! :D

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Here're some shots taken on Saturday night!


I was volunteered by the girlfriend to act in her friend's production and so I did. It's interesting to note how the usage of the word volunteer has evolved over the course of time.

10 years ago: "I volunteer to do this for you!"

Practically NOW: "I volunteer my boyfriend to do this for you!"

The session was pretty enjoyable though I had to act as a spastic gangster. Back in Perth, I usually did the filming camera work and post-production editing. Hence, I thought of giving acting a try and then realised I failed terribly.


This is the latest addition to the family. We call him Money and this American cocker spaniel is only three months old! I had the ahem privilege of clearing his poop this morning and boy! - it was hard to breathe. It was my brother's idea to keep a pet while I was away. But apparently, he's now getting tired with all the maintenance he has to keep up with and so it seems I'm taking over. They say that dogs are really loyal animals and some argue that they feel more than us sometimes. I read of a story of how a depression striken dog commits sucuide by biting its own tongue after being put away by its owner. It's really sad but shit does happen.

There goes the saying, same shit different day.

Anyway, here's Money!

And that's my brother, without his pants.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


I used to have a phobia of flying. I remember how my mind was filled with scenes of crashing planes when I first boarded a plane to Rockhampton, Australia for a military exercise. As the plane passed through clouds and shook, I would get so terrified and break into a cold sweat. To ease my unstable mind, I tuned to Hillsongs on my IPOD to distract me from my silly paranoia.

Now, the fear has left me. In fact, I've grown to enjoy the turbulence. Whoooosh! It's funny how this could happen upon discovering how short life is. My life, like everyone else, is a pitiful fraction of time.

Maybe that's why it's ironically precious.

As the plane glides in mid-air, I would gaze out of the window and watch the skies and terrains that God created. It also reminds me of how small Singapore is. And how we can sometimes be so arrogant to think that we're better than the rest just because we're doing better than our neighboring countries. By extension, it also makes me realise how insignificant I am to this world. If anything, I'm a vapor in the air - here today and gone tomorrow. If someone could love and value us so much, it must be a miracle.

In fact, it couldn't be anything humane; it could only be God.


The stifling and busy Singapore as it is. Once a while, I wish Singapore could take a breather. Maybe that is why her people are escaping aboard. Technology aids us in our lives; the Internet and computer for instance offer quick access to information and increase work efficiency. A technologically savvy country like Singapore is ironically busier than the under-developed Perth. The citizens of Singapore, in my modest opinion, deserve a higher quality of life.

And I'm about to find mine. Slowly but surely!

A walk from the Botanic gardens to the heart of the city could yield some random photos.

And how can we forget the girlfriend with the pretty smile? Heh. She saw the Asia Conference photo on the camera and remarked, "Eh your church like to spend money on advertising hor?" I was like, "OH YEAH!"

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


These are two parodies we made in Perth about the Chinese restaurant that serve free vegetarian food. It seems, after some investigation, that the restaurant is operated by a queer religious group pioneered by a Supreme Master who promotes humanitarian work and some form of meditation. Hence, the terms "One World" and "The Supreme Master" have been the butt of our jokes during cell group and among those whom patronize the restaurant.

By showcasing these videos here, I'm actually publicizing them - whether indirectly or otherwise. Maybe that's why they have free food; so that tight budget uni-students like us will be so intrigued that free food actually exist and then discuss about them! Nevertheless, everything is done in the spirit of clean fun and stale humour!


Supreme Products!

Cooking With Alp!

For more information of the above mentioned, visit:

PS: I can't believe I'm actually posted their links. But oh well, something for free food!

Monday, November 10, 2008


I'm finally back in Singapore! It seems like a dream come true. But strangely, I am overcome with acute nostalgia for my days in flat 21. It's difficult waking up this morning not seeing my mates: Luke, Nade, Sanna, Carly and Amanda. I just loved the fact that we could all get along so well despite the diversity in cultures from where we came from. By the end of this month, most of them would return to America, back to their own universities. Sigh. I don't know what else to say. Maybe I wish I had been more proactive with all the outings and parties. Perhaps I have been mugging too hard in the library, absurd as that may sound.

Some snaps during Halloween!

Murdoch Passion

Shots at Alphonsus Birthday!