Thursday, August 31, 2006


And there goes Joakim. Hah.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I was having dinner when my brother tuned in to Singapore Idol. And there was Joakim Gomez delivering yet another mediocre rendition on screen. He sings bad - and this is something you have to agree! Nevertheless, I can't help but admire his courage when he bravely retorted to Ken's afflicting comment that told him that he gravely needed something more to survive in the commercial world. He really seemed like he was on the verge of breaking down anytime. Guess there must have been alot of pressure and bitchy criticism about him STILL residing in the compeitition when the real divas like Nurul and Mathilda were booted off due to the voting offset. Oh well, you can conveniently blame this on Joakim's drop-dead boyish charming looks, that has perhaps turn many rich girls into poor bread crumbs eating coed-s. Hah.

And in case if you're wondering, I'm straight and have never been straighter in my life. I love being in love. And the thought of Kelly is spinning my mind like a rollercoaster. I seriously dislike the uncontrollable fatuous infatuation, whatever. Hah. I'm taking a break man. I so need a well-deserved break, a vacation, holiday. Okay, just some distance will do.

Okay, I'm being randomish. So please pardon me people. You'll get to read such entries when I'm blogging with a VERY sleepy head. Everything just comes out like puke. Bleh. Hah. I need rest.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Check out my soon-to-be partner? Or maybe not? Hah. Enjoys!

Sunday, August 27, 2006


No updates? So Dirisa reads my blog huh? Hah :D

Pardon me for the lack of updates. I have been pretty sick lately - literally sick. My flu has yet to recover after a week and it's irritating me big time, especially when I start to sound really nasal during recordings.

I'm listening to a track titled If Your Hearts Not In It by Westlife now. This song brings back so much memories of the past. Hah. Anyway, I'm thinking of getting an Apple iBook just for its Garage Band. Oh yes, I'm willing to fork out a thousand bucks for a software which is often overlooked by the mainstream users. And I'll have to dig out another 300 bucks for a MIDI keyboard. And there comes the ultimate recording machine! I can then safely discard Propellerhead Reason, Sound Forge, Cakewalk, Acid Loops, Acoustic Beatcraft and MP3 Mixer.


Saturday@7 was quite an experience! Evidently, Crystal is adopting certain concepts used by today's Mega-churches which once deemed controversial. I will not dive into the petty and grey issues because it neither edifies nor santifies. But I believe the change is for a good cause. And it seems that even the adults in general will need time to adapt to this vogue after decades of singing songs about David, Goliath and friends. As for myself, I'm really excited when music is concerned. So let's all embrace this new change and make do with what we have for a revival!

Thursday, August 24, 2006


The draft version of Baby Beautiful.

Take a listen here downloadit

Hey baby beautiful ya free this afternoon i've got a plan that's gonna rock your bottom
Please don't get me wrong although its just a song that i'm singing on my way back from ya home
Oh will you pick my call; won't you open your door
I've gathered 10 dozen roses lying on the floor

Cus i want and i want and i want
To know more you

Hey baby beautiful have you received my card fascinated decorated with my own art
There's a smiling face, and a little girl with a superman hero fighting outer space
I need to hear from you; anything will do
I'm asking all my friends the words and things that i should do

Cus i want and i want and i want
To know more you

Well you can take my hands and walk through the lanes down esplanade
We can watch the bands play to the rhythm of our heartbeats
I will tell you some sappy words and sweep you off your feet with
Cus there is one thing i have for you
Baby beautiful

Monday, August 21, 2006


I'm totally wasted. My back is aching. I'm having a flu. And my throat hurts like *beep*

Hyper ventilation is indeed bad.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


Today was especially emotionally draining.

I think I'm almost dried up like a sun-baked potato - its skin peeling and almost distintegrating into nothingness. Apathy found its way. It creeped in and consumed me from my back. Maybe it is helpful to be alone for a while. Embracing the moments of silence thinking about the transient highs and lows, whilst feeling like a total piece of crap. All that bad decisions, entanglements, impulsiveness, individualism and self-gratification. They all feel like a splinter in the flesh that viciously sits in tightly and never wanting to come out.

Oh why am I whinning like a 3 year old? And what am I doing at home on a fine Sunday afternoon? Okay, I have a dinner appointment later. And we need to talk about codenamed Project MTV. Self explainatory. I thought the videos here were pretty interesting.

Here're two of my friends in it!

Check out PortFolio by Amanda Tee, guitarist of all girl band Tainted Friday. PS: I still think Flowus sounded better. Hah.

Check out Where I Belong by piano diva Claire Chun.

Okay, I have one for you. It's retarded as much as it's endearing. Hah.

Greg and myself doing our thing.


Happy birthday dude! I hereby wish you a blessed birthday. And may your year be filled with hot chicks and bikini babes. Hah!

Saturday, August 19, 2006


I woke up in a blur
The morning light which pierced through the blinds
Opened my heavy eyes
Whilst reaffirming that familiar sense of realism

I wished if time was only relative
I would cross every horizon to take us
Back to the point we first started
That very feckless moment in time

Should I have taken a different step
Or heeded a good advice
So perhaps you'll still be mine today
However in a total different way

It takes a year and an imbecile
To shatter a finespun heart
Where sweet innocence transforms
Into a spate of nothingness and poignancy

Are you happy being who you are
Wearing the clothes you wear
Living the life you live
And fighting the air you breathe

Your scent has gradually melted
And your careless whispers faded
May His love reach you
And heal you where you are

Thursday, August 17, 2006


I feel really discouraged about writing songs.

Think I'll stop here or something.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Absolutely nothing rocks more than the ALL THAT I WANT album!

Celine and myself are suddenly talking again. Nat and myself are also talking again. This is even weirder. Hah. Anyway, as the saying goes, it's all good man.

I'm enjoying my course. I'm enjoying OETI. I'm enjoying all my mates who talk crap with me everyday. Life rocks man.

But nothing can compare to the peace that God bestows.

Saturday, August 12, 2006


I just rediscovered something about myself. Thanks Ric for talking to me. The chicken rice rocks. And I should have gotten myself those ata-chee. Yum!

I was strumming on my guitar till my prick pick suddenly broke. Time to get new picks man. And I think I'm gonna get flickr Pro or something. Going for the Planet Shakers concert later! Wheet!

Friday, August 11, 2006


After reading Claudia's interminableruminations (no idea what that long word, possibly a combined phase means really) and recently engaging with a couple of girls whom are remarkably well-versed, I thought its high time I dismiss my slapstick writing styles and perhaps embark on something well, umm.. intricate. Something torturously cryptic, rather than conveniently filling up the spaces with loads of senseless pictures and ranting over the mundane and the trivial.

Sure, it didn't take me long to discover the annal-ish side of me when it comes to language, speaking, blogging, texting on SMSes and all. Not that I belong to a calibre of artsy perfectionist who dons a pair of thick framed specs and calling myself an emo ancient greek. I love to write and speak but of course. So people who can speak beautifully and write almost effortlessly never fail to bedazzle. What a pity, but really. Cus beneath lies a long sad story.

Not many people really know me in person. And it can be at times poignant to note how their perceptions of me differ so greatly from who I really am.

I'm not perfect - never before.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Tanya made this.

Cute eh?

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


It seems that my site has been receiving alot of hits lately. Look at the stats below. But who are these people?

click to enlarge

Today, one brother of mine actually shared with me that he is deciding on leaving Crystal. Perturbed but not surprised, I asked for his rationale. And he commented about how the poor state of fellowship has been discouraging him. He compared the static present to the juicy past so filled with activities and heart warming joy. So I challenged him to stay on. At least for Saturday @ 7, because I believe and I anticipate a tremendous change - a positive one. I'm certain God has had it all covered.

Rest assured brother. Never stop smiling. (:


Something retarded.

Monday, August 07, 2006


Eugene designed this for me. And I thought it was actually pretty cool!

Inspired, I went to alter it alittle! Hah!

And also check out this safety slogan cum wallpaper I've randomly designed for my camp competition. Bet it's not gonna make it but who cares! Hah


I'll be mugging hard for my test tomorrow and should I fail, I'll be awarded with FREE saturday rememdial lessons. How generous of the SAF! I think I'm gonna study throughout the night. This is getting too retarded for my own good. Sheesh.

Chad just invited me for his 20th birthday party sometime next week! How sweet of him! And the thought of his birthday reminds me of the day Dirisa said yes to me. We could have passed the 1 year mark.

And most of all, I miss my hair. Dammit.

Sunday, August 06, 2006


I realised that playing the guitar alone and playing with a band is such a different feeling. Of course, playing together in a team is never easier because you do not only consider your own tune and rhythm. You also have to ensure that everyone else sync in harmony to produce an audible tone. Otherwise, what you'll get is a dreadful jumble of clangs which its soundwaves could almost penetrate through the balls and kill your sperm. Okay, not funny =/

Ngu, Clarence, Qi Xiang and myself went for the Festival Of Praise at the Singapore Indoor Stadium yesterday. I was there specially for the rock music led by the Australian Chrisitan City Church band. Renowned artiste Don Moen played too. And all was good though we got the worse seats in the house - like literally behind the stage! Well, at least there was this really HUGH projection screen to look at. It definitely beats to be early next time. Hah. And the preacher enunciated in an almost unaudible slang. And there I was sitting amongst the thousands, banging on my SMSs. I think Ngu was irritated. Haha.

Alot has been going through my mind these few days. The questions and doubt that require an answer. All the mixed emotions and painful sentiment all churned together like a blended cup of Caramel Latte - sweet on the surface but how antagonistically bitter! Bet my facade did a good job by covering it up. I'm good at surviving on the temporal highs of life. But it's wearing me off.

I just want to find my calling.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Inspired by the ex-girlfriend.

Click to listen to Try.

This moment, are you thinking of me
Are you doing the same things, like you always do
You know I'm trying to make a better day
I'm sorry that I've hurt you to define our love that way

Please don't take it out at me
I'm alive now you should see
Can't take back the words I've said
Reinvent another day

I've done you wrong
Are you mad at me
I've learned to see
What a fool I've been
Mistakes I've made
To let you go

Oh will you say something to me
Oh will you say something to me
That we can try again

So it's over And you have lost the faith
It's craziness matter
Like a thousand shadows
I'm begging, change your mind and please stay
Will it even matter
When I'm crying this way

click to enlarge


Pressies, not Pussies.

Thanks for everything guys!

I finally found the time to upload em here!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Just return from watching Click with Jacqueline.

Anyway, this intriguing yet heartening comedy starring Adam Sandler deserves my 2 thumbs up and it definitely worth a watch. And Jacq, stop taking random photographs of me! Hah!

Snapped this whilst walking the babe to her station. (Oh what a gentleman haha!) National Day is surely drawing close! Let's hope we get to take off on that day! Heh.