Thursday, September 27, 2007



Self explanatory :D

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


The audit is coming to a close. Phew! I've got some real faith that my company will do well this year despite the fact that we're a bunch of skirt chasers who does nothing more than weed smoking and ahem chasing skirts, as the name suggests. And consecutively, I'm moving to my new home! It's exciting for a change but I still love and miss my old place despite not having a room to lay my head every night. Yes - my room is the family hall. But at least I don't get to sleep on carton boxes. So thank God for financial security at home. Anyway the war is far from over. I guess I'll have to work my muscles really hard this weekend with all that transporting of junk.

While I was sorting out my junk (think crazyjunkies? heh), I was fascinated by some of the stuff which I had kept throughout these years - for memento sake. So I took out my camera and started my cam-whoring spree!

Sunday, September 23, 2007


I've been too self-absorbed lately possibly because of work that has taken its toll on me. I'm still alive though I'm struggling to open my eyelids wide enough to each passing day. I'm kinda expecting some decent incentives at the end this LRI. I'll probably accumulate more than 10 days off by the end of this week if everything goes well. And according to Murphy's law, he claimed that whatever can go wrong will go wrong, and at the worst possible time, in the worst possible way. He must have been the greatest deluded skeptic of his generation.

Decided to do a cover of So Sick by Neyo because someone likes it.

Is she worthed it? Maybe it's Maybelline Charlene.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Thanks for noticing the spots, Miss Sandy!

As far as I'm concerned, I'm still pretty oblivious to my outward expression. But I think that should change some 6 months later when I finish my National Service. Hah! That time, I'm going to wear nice clothings and pamper my beloved face with expensive toners and facial masks. Maybe SK-II? Or I could borrow my Mom's clinique' moisturizing lotion? I could be a total meterosexual like David Beckham.

But NO - I CAN'T! I seriously foresee myself washing dishes at a Chinese restaurant or delivering pizza to make some extra pocket money somewhere in Fremantle City.

Okay, I know I'm not making any sense. Now, back to the present!

I'm not about to fall apart though I think I actually am. This week has been immensely hectic due to an audit that could bust my company's ass into bits. Just yesterday, I ended work at 11.30PM! And I'm not really complaining because I take pride in my stuff - YEAH RIGHT. My friend who was working with me died around 7PM when night fell. On the other hand, the nocturnal myself was totally charged-up and he called me THE NIGHT STALKER!

Night Stalker

1 week ago, I found two bottles of nail polish while packing my sty. And out of boredom, I painted my nails white.

And in case you're wondering, I used to paint my nails in the past when I was still playing in a band. It was a fad back then for guitarists to parade their coloured nails during a performance. Anyway, the point is that my mom actually noticed my nails and scolded me. And she threatened to send me to a psychiatrist if I didn't remove the paint immediately. Upon questioning, I learnt that she was afraid that I became homosexual.

Mom, if you're reading this (which I don't think you are cus I doubt you even know my blog existed), I shall just say that I love girls too much to turn gay!

I rest my case. Ha. Period.

Monday, September 17, 2007


Behold, the swinging emoish-powerpacked-psyched-brassy boy next door is knocking! Eh, that's like me 3 years ago and still me 3 years later la! Check out my personality report! From a test I did, it evaluated that I'm (still) the undying Sanguine-Melancholic who reels to both extremes!

Why not take the test for yourself here!

Honestly, I don't exactly enjoy being soaked in euphoria one moment and then be in total solemn the next moment. It's like taking a hot shower and then jumping into ice. Or hooking up a hot chick in the club and then discovering she's transvestite. Extremes are bad; obviously they are never a good thing. But it seems that we're sometimes placed in extreme situations and temperaments for a good cause - by faith. Though I don't exactly, for now, understand how this could and should work out. Hah. Alright, if I knew, I would be God then.

I shall just act dumb and pretend to be astounded by the enigmas in life!

I'll be moving very soon. And I've also started packing my stuff for the shift. I'll be sending out house warming invitations if there's one.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


This song is beautiful beautiful beautiful.. When will I ever learn to write stuff like that?

Friday, September 14, 2007


If you didn't know, I'm kinda burnt out physically and mentally. But not to worry, my mind is pretty much intact. Just that my 3.0 Ghz dual core brain is running like a 486 computer installed with Windows 3.11. And I actually experienced a mental block yesterday in the midst of work for the first time in history. My grey matter is probably fried up.

God bless my brains man.

The next few weeks, 2 to be exact, will be immensely hectic. Sometimes I think immense and hectic are only but understatements. My company is undergoing some audit check. And we're all made to work like slaves as iterated in Exodus. But at least, we'll be fed three times a day and we don't work naked with only towers wrapping our bottoms. Still, I hate last minute jobs man.

I've only rested 3 hours for the past 36 hours. Not inclusive of petulant sleeping breaks during bus travels. Gee, I'm almost gone. And it's a miracle how I can still be typing this.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Hi people, I've finally changed to a new tagboard. So it's probably easier to tag now.

Leave me a random message! Cheers!


If you can even spot me!

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Monday, September 10, 2007


I'll be moving to my new home by the end of September.

Currently, I'm living a stone's throw away from NUS. And my new place is just beside NTU. It's funny really because I won't be studying in either of these universities. The tentative idea is clear : Perth. But who knows I might just reside in Singapore and work as a bone & rag man?

Life is never predictable!

I was immensely encouraged by this speaker, Nick Vujicic who preached on Sunday. Nick is a congenital amputee from Sunnybank, Brisbane, Australia. He was born limbless, missing both arms at shoulder level, and having one small foot with two toes protruding from his left thigh. But yet this miracle man completed university at the age of 21 with a double degree. A pastor and the founder of the LifeWithoutLimbs organization by profession, he travels as a motivational speaker, preacher-evangelist, real estate investor, stock market investor and writer of a book. Words can't describe how much God has put into the lives of this man and all of His children - you and myself included! The only difference between him and so many other faithless people is that Nick cherishes the joy of his salvation. And that's one area I really need to look intently into.

I can smile. You can’t undo my joy, you can’t undo my faith,” he said.

Check out LifeWithoutLimbs or his MySpace and be encouraged!

PS: I didn't know where to position myself so I did that silly stunt on the last picture. Hah.

And here's a glimpse of the new place. To be honest, I'm not really that excited about moving because the place is located at the western tip of Singapore, which makes traveling pretty inconvenient. But the only thing I can look forward to is a room which I can finally do my music recording without much disturbance. And my room will also contain a Pearl drum set (if Chaddy is still selling me? Hah) Yay!



It was a message from Joyce.

joyce says:
joyce says:
heard ure song
joyce says:
so sad*

Was it really a sad song? I wondered.

I started to read the lyrics again. And this time, I could better identify with the voice that resonated those heartfelt words.

Maybe it was a sad song, really.

Sunday, September 09, 2007


I was inspired to write a song earlier on.

Just Can't See You [Download Link]

I searched the stars
Above the skies
But I only felt the wind
Blowing strongly
Past my face
But I just can't see you

I took a dive
Into the sea
Into every part beneath
I crossed the ocean
Swept through the motion
But I just can't see you

I walked the mile
Passed the hour
Then I saw the many faces
In the crowd
They're looking down
But I just can't see you

Are you there?
Cus I just wanna see you smiling today
And I can't stop
Because you are the one
The one that I love

I've looked around
The sun went down
Then it poured just like the rain
I miss you so
I love you so
But I just can't see you


In my modest and most humble opinion, we should stop eating Kraft's Chicken Biskit altogether! So salty, it's a complete waste of money and ultimately leaves you oversized, ugly, boyfriend-less and a beautiful face bedraggled with moon craters and fresh oozing red puss.

Muhahaha (:

Charmaine was really sweet to transfer me some songs onto my iPod this afternoon. And I got to realise later that iPod actually has this locking mechanism that prevents copying out of MP3s. So after a search on GOOGLE, I chanced upon this free software called MUSIC RESCUE (how unbecoming of this planet!) that will allow you to copy music out of your iPod onto your computer or whatever storage devices.

You might want to find out more here if you are a pirate, ahem.. like myself. And yes - it supports both on Mac & PC.

Ahhh Sheeesh! I just let myself out!

And to digress a little, Westlife's ANGEL is currently on repeat mode on iTunes. I can't get enough of this song by Sarah McLachlan on a quiet night like this. It only adds to the tranquility and stillness of time. I actually feel that I can breathe better now. Nice (:

On our way to Ping's place after cell meeting in the afternoon, we were pleasantly greeted by a Rag & Bone man on his overloaded kickass tricycle. Immediately, I whipped up my camera to take a shot! And I bet it will get real messy if it crashed into a tree or something!

And yes - the banks are now issuing the new legal $20 bill!

We celebrated little Clarence's birthday later in the night.

Enough of my bad hair day and Ping's cheeky teasing.

Right now, I'm going to review on the new BREAKAWAY album produced by City Harvest Church, Singapore. In case you're wondering, this is not a publicity stunt. Be prepared rather, for some honest opinions.

The BREAKAWAY CD is a 8 track studio produced album that consists of original gospel works composed and arranged by the City Harvest Church's music team, particularly renown bassist KC Gan. The CD contains 4 fast paced rock tracks and 4 powerful ballads.

Overall, I was quite impressed by the arrangements of the songs and the instrumental sounds except for the synthesized drum beats and the whirring sustained electric guitar leads. The synthesized or programmed drums sounds, sounded a little monotonous and were lacking in dynamism. This happens when a certain drum pattern is played over a substantial period of time. This was evident in the chorus of AWAKEN MY SOUL. The lack of dynamism could partially be attributed to the poor drum sample quality. Certainly, it'll make a leap of difference if live drums were recorded instead.

The instrumental sounds such as the acoustic guitars, electric guitar leads, bass guitar, sustained and rhythm pianos sounded crisp and clear. EQ was excellent. The bass drums and bass guitar were distinct and audible even without close attention. I must say that with exception to the synthesized drums, the instrumental sound quality deserved a two-thumbs up and undeniably comparable to the popular songs produced by Australian's Hillsongs church.

The melodies of the songs were brilliant. Personally, I find them to be very catchy, heartfelt and anointed. The songwriter largely deserved to be credited. I especially love the instrumental solos and find them to be very well done. However the sappy and squeaky fill-ins used in AWAKEN MY SOUL irked me a little and in my honest opinion, pretty redundant. It portrayed too Garage-Bandish.

I was a little disappointed by the vocals though. The female vocalist had a excellent tone and diction was almost perfect. The pitching and falsettos were greatly applausable. On the other hand, the male vocalist needed some major improvement in terms of pitching and style. The vocals performed for the track GOD IS REAL TODAY, could afford to sound more Linkin' Parkish. The nature of that particular track is doubtlessly heavy rock/metal so the vocals had to match up to it. The falsetto performed for track STAY WITH YOU in the chorus didn't blend too well with the chest voice and could be avoided. Overall, the male chest voice was decent and pleasant to the ears. Sidetracking abit, I enjoyed the arrangement and sounds used in GOD IS REAL TODAY. The noise effect, synthesizer riffs and distortion guitar in the intro had the right punch and sounded just like another quality Linkin Park piece!

Generally, the songs are a nice treat to the ears. Lyrically, the words were well placed and rid of cliche catchphrases. My top 3 favourites are ONE LIFE ONE LOVE, JESUS & STAY WITH YOU. On the scale of 1 to 10, 10 being best, I would give BREAKAWAY a 7. The ballads, at least are something I can look forward to!

You can purchase BREAKAWAY via the online Attributes Store. Or alternatively, ask your City Harvest Church mate to bless you with a new copy! I hope this review reveals some insight into BREAKAWAY. The objective of this review identifies the strengths and weaknesses of this album and seeks to improve future successful albums to come.

Disclaimer: This BREAKAWAY review represents the author's opinion, and do not necessarily represent the opinion of any organization.

PS: It's now 4.30AM. I must have written alot. Heh.

Saturday, September 08, 2007


I lost the bet. Singapore won! Haha.

More about 5 Nations Cup here

Thursday, September 06, 2007


Over dinner my mum asked, So have you decided? Perth or Melborne?

I went, Perth i think, though it's a real quiet place.

And she replied, But there's no night life in Perth right? You sure you can study without any night life?

I swear my heart almost skipped a beat at that instant.

I snapped, Mum but Melborne will cost perhaps 10 thousand more?

So she replied, That's fine. As long as you really study and don't come back within a year!

For once, I thought we really connected!

Monday, September 03, 2007


If you're looking for something to get for a friend's birthday, you should consider getting John Mayer's Continuum.

This is one of my personal favourite. Ahh you've gotta check it out.

Saturday, September 01, 2007


My thoughts are like the million gallons of water trapped beneath a dam. There are so many things I want to say but I just don't know where to start. I think I've just lost my chain of thoughts. RAH.

To start it off, I'm quite surprised that my lovely cell group leader, Miranda actually reads my blog. And yes, you look so much prettier without your braces on! Lastly thanks for being our Mother Goose in W408! Every cell meeting has been such a blessing to me!

One of the sweetest things.

Today I helped out in JAMS church for teachers' day. This is one ministry that takes care of the intellectual disabled members of the church. When the kids came into the room , my mind went "kevin you lucky thing." I was thankful for a thinking mind and a heavy body, which I've so often taken for granted.

I'm so going to change the world with A Random act of Kindness everyday. But no, I'm not building an ark.

But first, let me pick up my emotions and my guitar.