Monday, September 17, 2007


Behold, the swinging emoish-powerpacked-psyched-brassy boy next door is knocking! Eh, that's like me 3 years ago and still me 3 years later la! Check out my personality report! From a test I did, it evaluated that I'm (still) the undying Sanguine-Melancholic who reels to both extremes!

Why not take the test for yourself here!

Honestly, I don't exactly enjoy being soaked in euphoria one moment and then be in total solemn the next moment. It's like taking a hot shower and then jumping into ice. Or hooking up a hot chick in the club and then discovering she's transvestite. Extremes are bad; obviously they are never a good thing. But it seems that we're sometimes placed in extreme situations and temperaments for a good cause - by faith. Though I don't exactly, for now, understand how this could and should work out. Hah. Alright, if I knew, I would be God then.

I shall just act dumb and pretend to be astounded by the enigmas in life!

I'll be moving very soon. And I've also started packing my stuff for the shift. I'll be sending out house warming invitations if there's one.


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