Thursday, September 06, 2007


Over dinner my mum asked, So have you decided? Perth or Melborne?

I went, Perth i think, though it's a real quiet place.

And she replied, But there's no night life in Perth right? You sure you can study without any night life?

I swear my heart almost skipped a beat at that instant.

I snapped, Mum but Melborne will cost perhaps 10 thousand more?

So she replied, That's fine. As long as you really study and don't come back within a year!

For once, I thought we really connected!


At 6:08 PM, Blogger Sensation said...

I got a school friend in Perth and he's in 2nd year undergraduate(civil engg).....N he says dat the nightlife is pretty good with a decent crowd. Plus its a less populated place.
But Melbourne is my favourite place of australia N the australian open is held there......its a big city.
Newaiz, take ur pick as to what suites U best.


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