Sunday, September 09, 2007


In my modest and most humble opinion, we should stop eating Kraft's Chicken Biskit altogether! So salty, it's a complete waste of money and ultimately leaves you oversized, ugly, boyfriend-less and a beautiful face bedraggled with moon craters and fresh oozing red puss.

Muhahaha (:

Charmaine was really sweet to transfer me some songs onto my iPod this afternoon. And I got to realise later that iPod actually has this locking mechanism that prevents copying out of MP3s. So after a search on GOOGLE, I chanced upon this free software called MUSIC RESCUE (how unbecoming of this planet!) that will allow you to copy music out of your iPod onto your computer or whatever storage devices.

You might want to find out more here if you are a pirate, ahem.. like myself. And yes - it supports both on Mac & PC.

Ahhh Sheeesh! I just let myself out!

And to digress a little, Westlife's ANGEL is currently on repeat mode on iTunes. I can't get enough of this song by Sarah McLachlan on a quiet night like this. It only adds to the tranquility and stillness of time. I actually feel that I can breathe better now. Nice (:

On our way to Ping's place after cell meeting in the afternoon, we were pleasantly greeted by a Rag & Bone man on his overloaded kickass tricycle. Immediately, I whipped up my camera to take a shot! And I bet it will get real messy if it crashed into a tree or something!

And yes - the banks are now issuing the new legal $20 bill!

We celebrated little Clarence's birthday later in the night.

Enough of my bad hair day and Ping's cheeky teasing.

Right now, I'm going to review on the new BREAKAWAY album produced by City Harvest Church, Singapore. In case you're wondering, this is not a publicity stunt. Be prepared rather, for some honest opinions.

The BREAKAWAY CD is a 8 track studio produced album that consists of original gospel works composed and arranged by the City Harvest Church's music team, particularly renown bassist KC Gan. The CD contains 4 fast paced rock tracks and 4 powerful ballads.

Overall, I was quite impressed by the arrangements of the songs and the instrumental sounds except for the synthesized drum beats and the whirring sustained electric guitar leads. The synthesized or programmed drums sounds, sounded a little monotonous and were lacking in dynamism. This happens when a certain drum pattern is played over a substantial period of time. This was evident in the chorus of AWAKEN MY SOUL. The lack of dynamism could partially be attributed to the poor drum sample quality. Certainly, it'll make a leap of difference if live drums were recorded instead.

The instrumental sounds such as the acoustic guitars, electric guitar leads, bass guitar, sustained and rhythm pianos sounded crisp and clear. EQ was excellent. The bass drums and bass guitar were distinct and audible even without close attention. I must say that with exception to the synthesized drums, the instrumental sound quality deserved a two-thumbs up and undeniably comparable to the popular songs produced by Australian's Hillsongs church.

The melodies of the songs were brilliant. Personally, I find them to be very catchy, heartfelt and anointed. The songwriter largely deserved to be credited. I especially love the instrumental solos and find them to be very well done. However the sappy and squeaky fill-ins used in AWAKEN MY SOUL irked me a little and in my honest opinion, pretty redundant. It portrayed too Garage-Bandish.

I was a little disappointed by the vocals though. The female vocalist had a excellent tone and diction was almost perfect. The pitching and falsettos were greatly applausable. On the other hand, the male vocalist needed some major improvement in terms of pitching and style. The vocals performed for the track GOD IS REAL TODAY, could afford to sound more Linkin' Parkish. The nature of that particular track is doubtlessly heavy rock/metal so the vocals had to match up to it. The falsetto performed for track STAY WITH YOU in the chorus didn't blend too well with the chest voice and could be avoided. Overall, the male chest voice was decent and pleasant to the ears. Sidetracking abit, I enjoyed the arrangement and sounds used in GOD IS REAL TODAY. The noise effect, synthesizer riffs and distortion guitar in the intro had the right punch and sounded just like another quality Linkin Park piece!

Generally, the songs are a nice treat to the ears. Lyrically, the words were well placed and rid of cliche catchphrases. My top 3 favourites are ONE LIFE ONE LOVE, JESUS & STAY WITH YOU. On the scale of 1 to 10, 10 being best, I would give BREAKAWAY a 7. The ballads, at least are something I can look forward to!

You can purchase BREAKAWAY via the online Attributes Store. Or alternatively, ask your City Harvest Church mate to bless you with a new copy! I hope this review reveals some insight into BREAKAWAY. The objective of this review identifies the strengths and weaknesses of this album and seeks to improve future successful albums to come.

Disclaimer: This BREAKAWAY review represents the author's opinion, and do not necessarily represent the opinion of any organization.

PS: It's now 4.30AM. I must have written alot. Heh.


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