Sunday, September 09, 2007


I was inspired to write a song earlier on.

Just Can't See You [Download Link]

I searched the stars
Above the skies
But I only felt the wind
Blowing strongly
Past my face
But I just can't see you

I took a dive
Into the sea
Into every part beneath
I crossed the ocean
Swept through the motion
But I just can't see you

I walked the mile
Passed the hour
Then I saw the many faces
In the crowd
They're looking down
But I just can't see you

Are you there?
Cus I just wanna see you smiling today
And I can't stop
Because you are the one
The one that I love

I've looked around
The sun went down
Then it poured just like the rain
I miss you so
I love you so
But I just can't see you


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