Friday, December 21, 2007


I've not been writing too much recently and I figured that it might just be my PC that is dying on me. Recently, it has shown some bad signs of heart failure, or maybe erectile dysfunction when the screen would just freeze for no reason. And trust me, my monitor is working just fine. And therefore, I have to prepare myself for its imminent death -a fateful moment when the world will sob and observe a minute of silence. There might be gnashing of teeth because the prices of shares will plunge and prices of oil will rise.

Okay, no link. Never mind.

But thankfully, I have my Apple (named Jasmine, which some of you guys already know) with me. You see, I have never had this peculiar practice of naming my belongings till some years back when I stepped into an office only to be enlightened by a colleague that the Dell desktop that stood at the farthest end was called Johnson. And yes - the one right here was Michel. Prod me one more bit, I swear I would have reached nirvana. It was a shock at that moment. But it did make sense after a while. Names are used for effective identification. God called Adam, Adam and Eve, Eve. Roads have names. And so do we, people.

And guess what? My history teacher once told me that she met this guy in Hong Kong with the name pubic. I have absolutely no idea how that came about. But if I have a name corresponding to some kind of genital, I would drown myself after I learn how to swim.

Several people have asked me whether the Assuring Teddy EP is a charity project. I would like to redress this issue once and for all - in black and white. I shall reiterate that this was supposedly a charity project. However, as there wasn't enough credibility to produce (cus we're just two ordinary dude) to these charity organizations that we come from a listed company or are established individuals, no formal agreement was drafted as a result. And whatever proceeds generated will be used to faciliate the CD production cost.

i miss you more than i can say


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