Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I love girls too much to be gay. Hah. I supposed that's super random.

Anyway, I'm pretty high lately due to the sudden blast of endorphins released in my brain from all the exercising. And it can be really addictive. They call it the Runners' High. Hah.

I realised there're 3 songs that I can almost keep in my iPod forever cus they never bore me no matter how much I listen to them - even on repeat mode for hours! Let me know if you share the same sentiments.

The Scientist - Coldplay
23 - Jimmy Eat World
Run - Snow Patrol

And as I began to examine, I discovered that these 3 songs share a common trait. All contain a trance-like progressive pattern that paces the melody on and on. And every song exceeds the average duration of 4 1/2 minutes. Some musing eh!

Having a musical background is generally perceived as an asset to many, if not - all. Liken a coin with two faces, this asset has its share of peeve. Let me explain. When I listen to a certain song, my mind would automatically attempt to decode its arrangement and slice the song into its different layers. Oh the drums comes in first, then the bass solo, next the acoustic guitar picking followed by a second electric guitar with heavy distortion and tremolo tones. It can be a torture really because it somewhat prevents you from appreciating the song for the song itself. Subsequently, my mind would decipher the chord progression and the type of chord and effects used.

So perhaps, it can be good thing to love music without knowing so much. ((:


At 12:29 AM, Blogger sibelius_2 a.k.a Ah-Gong Shostakovich said...

same sentiments! talk about "enjoying" music man...


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