Friday, March 16, 2007


It has been sometime since I last blogged. In fact, it has been over a week. And thank God I'm alive and kickin after speeding up and down the twirling hills of Genting Highland. Some photos coming up. But not so soon. Hah.

Anyway, I have alot to write. But as I sit in the dark outside whilst sipping to ice tea, feeding the mosquitos and embracing the sound of water splashing, I can't help but feel glutted inside out. Today's a friday night. What on earth am I doing at home contemplating and reasoning to myself? The initial plan was to catch the movie 300 at 9PM. But I allowed it to pass me by for a reason unclear to me.

I enjoyed last week's sermon by Sy Rogers. And I'm wholely blown away by his personal conviction of God being bigger than big. And I loved the way he spoke and related on his memorial stones that brought him to the place he is today. In the book of Joshua 4: 1 - 24, the memorial stones commemorate Israel's crossing of the Jordan. It existed to remind of God's faithfulness when the children asked of their fathers "What do these stones mean?" Rogers addressed the congregation, "Build your own memorial stones, so that one day when you fall into the pitts of the darkest valley beatened, you can look back at your stones and be encouraged and affirmed of God's character and his imminent mighty hands to save." Upon reflection, I have accessed and amassed my own stones and I'm ready to put them down perhaps on the next entry. Hah. This is truly exciting.

Now, for the photos and some musings over the Genting trippin'!

With the folks! Pardon me for I was feeling immensely retarded! Must be the weather!

Hotel New World. It was an in-house contained amusement centre. Somewhat like a fusion of Great World City, Ngee Ann City and Cineleisure. The place was packed with lots of young Malaysian school teen couples. Basically I was ambling around seeing kids holding hands. It was an ahem .. sight to behold! Hah.

I was roaming around the place like a dinosaur looking for a place to pee. Walking up to the top from New World, I was fascinated by some of the things I saw. It was about 9.30 AM and there was actually a parade conducted by the Malaysian Polis (or Police)! Hah.

Also, I went into the Casino and wasted some money on Jackpot. The Casino was old but it was poshly furnished and brightly lit with lustrous crystal lightings. The place was filled with middle aged people, gambling addicts look-alike, china-man in suits, seemingly Singaporean Chao Ah Bengs and even grannys in wheelchair. I shit you not! You'll be surprised to know that the mean age of these gamblers is over 40 years old. And I felt like the youngest member there. PS: The security personnel even had to check my ID!

The weather was pretty chilly there. The temperate at the hotel lobby read 16 degrees celsius and almost everyone was seen donned in their jackets. I bet it was colder outside. Maybe about 12 or even lower? The night was especially cold. And mist started to surface by about evening time. There was one night the chill was so bad it gave a piercing sensation. Ouch! It was obvious that every building relied on the cold air outside to replace any form of air conditioning. If only we could have that back in Singapore!

I was flipping through my bible during the intervals back in my hotel room. The book of Revelations - oh how it scares! I also bought myself a tee, a tweety bird mask (which I have planned to use in a video shoot to be posted in youtube, so stay tune!) and a lame-ass cap embedded with an illuminated flashing dino on the top.

I reckoned this was a pirated 7-11 convenience store. 7-7! Hah!

I treated myself to a movie Primeval on the last night which costed me only 10RM - about S$4.50. And for an extra 5RM, I got an awful tasting popcorn, drink, biscuits and a chocolate bar. It was so bad I only took a bite.

It was a short 3 day break for me from the world. Thank God for safety and everything possible up there!


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