Tuesday, June 03, 2008


It was 1.30AM in the morning.

I switched off the lights but still, I could not sleep. In the midst of darkness, my hands reached to the side to feel for my guitar. I retrieved it out from the bag and started playing as I laid on my bed, randomly plucking chords. And a familiar old song gradually filled the rhythm.

You Laid Aside Your Majesty

As I began mouthing the words in my head, I started to remember when I first learned the song. In church but of course. Soon, reminiscence of Crystal Tabernacle became vivid. My mind, like a old tape recorder was playing back the beautiful memories. And surely, a wistful sense of nostalgia filled me. I thought about my mentors - Pastor Kian Cheng, Bian Hin, Jeffery, Beetin. These are people of great faith and courage. Notably life changers whom I am deeply grateful to. Although I do not subscribe 100% to each and every of their convictions and beliefs, I still respect them alot. For the simple fact that they have loved me and always wanted the best for me.

This was my first group in 2001. Some 7 years back. This photo was taken outside church after a bible study. Then, despite being modest in our number, we were so full of zeal, passion and joy.

These were some of my closer friends. Jiemin, Weiliang and Eugene. This photo was taken after a youth talent contest. This was when I performed my first ever written song with Leeyi, a dear sister.

Some of the seniors having a great time before my camera. This photo was taken during Pastor Bee Tin's wedding.

Leeyi & Myself. Don't ask me about the hair. But Leeyi was one of the few whom I could really share my heart with.

Some photos taken at a church camp.

These were taken during a Pasir Ris Park BBQ outing in 2002. We had an indoor BBQ due to the rain.

Have I also mentioned that I was once a Sunday School teacher? Zhang Ting was my wonderful co-worker.

Okay, guess what? I'm feeling a little exhausted now. So I shall stop posting photos and get back onto my bed and try falling asleep again.


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