Thursday, May 22, 2008


David Cook won.

No, he's not a chef. Katong Laksa? NOOO! Never mind.

For sometime, I've discovered a very interesting pattern about me watching American Idol. At the beginning of every season, I would be fervently catching every episode, enjoying the mass auditions, their funny antics and loving each moment Simon Cowell disses a terrible singer. And when the show finally reaches its semi finals, my interest would wane and simply die off. Then a couple of months later, I would stumble upon the American Idol website or the local newspaper (which I just did just 3 minutes ago) and find out who the winner is.

Yes. David Cook doesn't cook. Maybe he does when he is at home. But he sings. And he's crowned American Idol this season.

But more than just mere American Idol news I'm reporting here, I want to prepare you guys to know that I'm adopting a new hairstyle as seen by Danny Noriega. I would foresee some violent protest over my BIG decision. Especially from the girlfriend. Ehhhh..

But respect me alright! Hah. The hair's to keep the warmth in winter Perth this July. Acts as an insulation.


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