Monday, May 19, 2008


Firstly, I wish to extend a happy and blessed birthday to Ping and Crist!

This goes out specially to Ping for being a great buddy and partner in crime. Very bad crimes we committed. So bad, we're after by the interpol. And my girlfriend nags at me sometimes.

So here're some photos taken on Sunday when we celebrated their birthdays at Dan's place. And Dan has a really nice living room by the way. Hah.

In the first photo, Ping and Cirst were holding their birthday cheese cake and made to take a photo together. I honestly think the picture looks hilarious. Heh. And kudos to the guys who took the effort to design and put up the decorations. Check out the balloons and posters in the backdrop.

And that was Ariel fixing a blister on her feet. She'll probably chop me if she finds me putting this up. Hah.

And a totally unglamorous shot of Kelvin caught on Louise's camera. I think I could still pass off as a 19 year old. Hah.

Another random shot caught on Louise's camera.

And here's my way of stopping a car. Ping's car to be specific.

And lugging the very sleepy girlfriend home. Very very sleepy.


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