Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Secretly, I'm counting the days till I reach my ORD. Somewhat it's seems that ORD has evolved from a noun into some kind of verb.

Oei chao recruit, when you going to ORD? You would probably have heard something like that at Pasir Ris MRT on a Sunday evening.

But ORD really means Operational Ready Date. It marks the date which a soldier is recognized by the army for his competence in fighting a war. But most of us have taken for granted that Singapore is no way getting into battle. So we guys usually rejoice, pop the champaign and kiss our girlfriends anyway!

Earlier on, I was enquiring on some student bank loans online. And here is what I've found.

Interest Rates Per Annum
  • POSB / DBE > 5.88%
  • HSBC > 12%
  • UOB > 9.99%
  • OCBC > 6.5%
  • Citi Bank > 6%
  • May Bank > 5.58%
  • ABN AMRO > 17.28%
Looks like May Bank offers the most affordable payback scheme! And ABN AMRO is a like a fugitive running amok with a butcher chopper on both hands. I've also revamped the assuringteddy poster to give it a little drive and poise. And I hope it doesn't look too amateurish! Hah.


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