Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Guard Duty .. guard duty .. guard duty

Those words have been ringing in my head since this morning. The thought of duty is depressing me. Perhaps the RPs are immune to such torture since they perform duty every single day of their 2 years liability. In my opinion, boredom is cruelty. But the only benefit is that this vocation prepares you to become future condominium security guards.

that opens a career path for some!

Okay, I know I'm being caustic and mean here. Pardon my imprudence.

Just last week, I attended my Aunt's wedding dinner which was held at CHIJMES. Framed by a magnificent historical building, graceful cobblestone walkways, and a cascading fountain, the restaurant appeared to be a cathedral once. The interiors were intricately crafted and lit with lamps that resemble those used by medieval royalty. The vicinity was scenic and it did leave an impression.

Hah. The best part? She was married to an Irish. So we'll be expecting some form of Eurasian babies soon.

For myself, I'll have some hybrid Singapore-Japan babies if fate permits me to meet Saori. And when I get married, I'll invite you to CHIJMES! Hah.


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