Saturday, August 11, 2007


There are so many things on my hands; I wish I have 48 hours a day and the motivation to complete them. I'm multi-tasking like a mad man on Firefox and have yet to cut my nails. Oh sheesh! I know I'm gabbling like a little girl but no I'm not having my period - and for that matter - I have never had menstruation. But my ever first girlfriend told me that if she had the choice, she would sterilize herself. So I guess that's pretty bad.

I'm actually feeling kinda hungry now. Because home-cooked fried rice sucked and I only had a small portion earlier on. The tragedy is this: I'm too lazy to cook a packet of instant noodles for myself and I badly need a girlfriend to do it for me.


Recently, I downloaded the Mighty To Save album by Hillsongs and was blown away by the songs. As a matter of fact, I was equally amazed and ashamed after listening to them. I was amazed because the lyrics were so well-written and the melodies were so heart-touching. Also, the arrangements of the songs were simply brilliant and balanced. The electric leads, drums, vocal harmonizing were just astonishing. In my heart, I battled, how can a human being ever write something like that? At that very moment, I recognized that these are the works of ordinary human beings who serve an extraordinary God. Right away, I praised God! The bible says that we are created in His image and therefore exhibit glimpses of His character, talents and abilities. What a creative God I have! I must be a real lucky child! Hah. Now the ashamed part is this. I looked at my own works and discover that they were a far cry from the songs in Mighty To Save. I might sound a little ambitious but - hey! - now you know the real Kelvin! Hah.

The bible talks about using our talent for God's Kingdom. If you can talk, tell the world about Jesus. If you can write, pen a testimonial about God's goodness. If you can sing, bless the stage with angelic voices. If you are drop-dead sexy, be of an Esther to your nation. Nobody lights a candle and put it in under a bowl or put a million dollar bill under soil.

Ahhhh .. I rediscover the need to write more quality and anointed songs for His Majesty! A quality song makes a listener groove. But an anointed song brings the listener's heart closer to Jesus. I want both!

How greedy of me!

And this time we were YUMSENG-ing not with beer but Starbucks's blended Java chip!


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