Friday, April 06, 2007


Today is Good Friday! And it is such a joy because .. *drum rolls*

Firstly, we get a day off work!

Secondly, we celebrate God's love for us!

Thirdly, we paint easter eggs like little children!

Yes! I was painting easter eggs and making gifts with the girls in the afternoon. And I can never believe I actually painted some eggs because to me, that was an excruciatingly gay thing to do for a guy! But the whole activity was fruitful despite having produced several ugly painted ones (due to certain aesthetic incompetence .. ahem hah) And I actually acquired and mastered some form of patience and feminism after crushing one empty egg shell with my butterfingered hands!

There was the Good Friday service in the early evening and I teared 3 times during the drama screening, which was obviously heart-wrenching and yet immensely touching! Again, I can never believe that I'm such an emo freak. That explains emo-kevino as bestowed by our lovely Sandy. People cry when they can't contain a certain surge of emotion. And hence the body weeps as it releases. It was quite an awkward moment as tears streamed down my face in the middle of the hall. I had to discreetly wipe them off so as to avoid looking excessively unstable to the both strangers beside me. Heh. The drama was well-crafted with passionate acting and impressive props but I find it especially special because it depicted so much of humane traits in Jesus as compared to those which I've seen that made him appear 90% God and 10% man.

We celebrated Miranda's birthday after that!

And also Charmaine's!


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