Sunday, April 01, 2007


A BIG XIE XIE to those who came to watch me play on Friday! I was super surprised to see Jenno and Myra! Thanks girls! I hope you enjoyed the ice cream! Haha!

And not forgetting my wondelicious cell group who also came to support! And thank you Celine for being such a sweetie! Call me babe! I'll give you a treat sometime this week!

This week has been such a burnt-out! Time seems to be shrinking so rapidly and I barely have enough air to breathe. My to-do list is pilling up so endlessly, it gets me lost. Now, I'm thinking of using my white board to schedule out the stuff that I have to do. I'm dead exhausted. And the last thing I need right now is a break. Ahhhh!!

And thank God for his goodness, Jon entered the finals of the Emerge Solo Vocalist! And I made through the finals of the Song Composition category! Let's rejoice! Yayyyy!

Check out the Emerge competition here!

And in preparation for the finals, I was told by the organizer to prepare some childhood photos of myself. So last night, I was rampaging through this super gigantic box of photos and found these!

PS: I'm so going to bore you!


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