Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I feel super broke after spending 200 bucks on a B-Band 3.2 acoustic guitar preamp. And another 100 bucks on some supplements. I diagnosed myself with impulsive shopping disorder. And I need a doctor. Because I have already thought of what I want to get next month after the pay rise. Oh dear..

Some weeks back, I received a mail from my friend in Japan. And it was something really surprising!

Candies from Japan!

Why do girls like giving candies? Write cards, design bookmarks or bake cookies - for that matter?

Recently I was browsing a forum which talks about the behaviour of males and females and how we often react differently to various circumstances. Could the myth be true that men were once from mars and the ladies from venus? Oh boy!

The following excerpt is one example:

When a women confides in a man, the latter often puts on the advisor hat when all she wants is a listening ear.

When I read that, I was like ... is that true? I didn't know anything like this?

So one guru recommended that we read this book titled, What Women Want Men To Know by Barbara De Angelis to find out more.

Hah. I'm tempted to grab a copy to study more of the feminist eccentric antics.


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