Sunday, August 17, 2008


The presumptuous belief that Australian universities are lax is nothing more than a fallacy. Through the weeks, I am awarded chunks of text to read and digest. And these readings are dense and many times incomprehensible to me. The Old Testament though thick and mystifying now proves itself to be more decipherable after all. Being a media student, I have materials dated back to 1985 and I also study centuries old black/white films. So the solution I reckon is to read and re-analyze them.

I'm such awesome student you see.

Anyway, I just had my dinner. Oh yes - I cooked my own dinner. And it turned out pretty well after several practices. I had fried rice. And I cooked Chicken Rice for all my flatmates 2 days ago. We call this Family Dinner, where each one of us cook for the entire flat. And the interesting thing is that just yesterday only, a casual friend asked if I had any weed on me. I looked at her with my most funny expression and said, like noooo?

Now time for some recent photos!

This is Sauna, my Swedish flattie in her PJ!

A random picture of school.

Some friends.

North lake, where all the swans are!

Cottesloe Beach, where the hotties are!

Church mates!


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