Friday, July 04, 2008


3 more weeks to departure. I am excited for a new change but still, I'll miss everyone! It's in the middle of winter in Perth so it'll be really cold. I was told that the temperature could be as low as ZERO degrees at night. Gee, I hope I won't have to get up to pee at midnight and realise that the toilet bowl is frozen.

Stuffs I've yet to get and should be getting soon:
  • Sweater
  • Haversack
  • A new mobile phone
  • Travel bag
  • A new wallet
Stuffs that I'm taking over with me:
  • Macbook!
  • Digital camera
  • 320 GB External Hard disk
  • Guitar!
  • Tooth brush + Shaver
  • Myself!
Stuff that I have yet learn to do:
  • Fry an egg
  • Cook pasta
  • Fix a vegetarian meal
  • Learn to wash my underwears
People I'll think about:
  • Cell group mates
  • Parents
  • Charlene
  • Partners in crime (you know who you are!)


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