Monday, June 16, 2008


A new entry! Aren't you glad?

These are the photos taken on the first day of the BIG BANG CAMP.

WOOF! How can we forget the Ubin dog?

I finally took some time off today to meet the girlfriend. As usual, she was looking spicy hot in her LITTLE MISS SHY tee when I met her. And we watched THE HULK, a marvel comic story about a scientist metamorphosing into a green looking abomination after a failed military secret experiment. Well, the story was a action packed buster with guns, explosions and several bawling scenes of the HULK in anger but sadly, it lacked a good plot as compared to Iron Man. Universal studios made the right move to release THE HULK right after IRON MAN - both marvel based material. There was also a short scene in THE HULK which Iron man, the industrialist of Stark Industries was featured.

Staring Edward Norton ..

And the incredibly hot Liv Tyler, daughter of Steven Tyler - the lead singer of Aerosmith!

But it only cost us $6 each so I'm not complaining. And during the show, my baby covered my eyes when Edward was making out with Liv on the bed. Hah!


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