Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I've always enjoyed strolling with Charlene because she amazes me with her idiosyncrasies, which many times inspire me a great deal. But one particular day, I wrestled with some excess energy and placed her on top of a green box which they called a bin.

So here's my baby flashing her mega-watt smile on a dustbin. And she probably wouldn't believe me even if I would to tell her that she had looked astounding stunning that day. Heh.

Being that male chauvinist pig years ago, I used to advise my male friends that being the guy in the relationship, we should not give in too much to the girlfriends and only meet them like once a blue moon lest we reveal our lack of masculinity and desperation for attention.

You know how guys have to act tough to appear strong, fearless and totally competent?

It's in our blood and there's nothing the girls could ever do to figure that out. Much less understand that trait.

But Charlene makes me want to see her everyday. And there's little to what I can do to figure that out. Funny it seems. Must be a love potion she gave me. Or some kind of drug.

That girl again. She's such a wonder (:


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