Monday, February 25, 2008


The sobering fact still sunk in: I had lost my camera for good.

And I admit I was feeling a little depressed today and it did feel silly. But as my mind kept rehearsing the scenes where I carelessly left my baby behind and the thought of some jackasses actually picking up something that didn't belong to them, I thought I actually learnt something. Just like Jonah, I knew God was shaking my boat because I was trying to take something that didn't belong to me. I wanted it so bad I compromised on my character. And God is possibly showing me how He felt when I esteemed my pride and own self gratification beyond the green light.

Even though I've reasoned with God over Malachi 3:11, I have a strange feeling that my camera isn't going to appear. But just as a father who loves his child, I know that God is going to provide, probably in a way that exceeds my expectations. I'm not certain to how or when, but my heart tells me that in due season, He's going to perform a little magic to amaze me.

Still, I thank God that He has blessed my earthly father with a camera. And just like a son who inherits his father's possession, I've managed to borrow my dad's Sony Cybershot for my trip this wednesday to Thailand. At least God has gotten my camwhore-ism covered.

And here is Darren, myself, Ping & Shuteck hanging by the bay.

Gee, my adam apple is protruding. It wants to be set free. Hoho.

And here's a collection of Ping's various hairstyle throughout these two years. And he insisted that I put mine too. So here's it. Hah.



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