Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I just made my Mum watch The Prestige with me, together with Dad who fell asleep on the couch somewhere in the middle. In fact, he got up a few times just to lower the volume and to tune it up again (upon my request heh) during the high and dry parts of the show.

In spite of watching this on the big screen some 2 years back, I'm not ashamed to confess that this masterpiece still continues to intrigue me with its crafty twists and conspiracies. I love it so much I'm absolutely ready to watch it again with anyone who is interested! hints hints.

So, if you have yet to catch The Prestige, be utterly sorrowful and repent of your oblivion! Okay, I know I'm such a sucker for magic.

The Prestige Resources


And pardon my lack of exquisiteness, but I'm seriously enjoying the Blackout album by Britney Spears. Yes, the girl that went is still going bonkers.

I never see myself liking anything like that but her tracks are mixed by very good arrangers. So I'm listening more to the layering than Spear's voice, which by itself is totally dispensable. Having said that, I'm sure my grandma (even without her denture) could do a close to exact replica.

Right, I'm kidding. My grandma can't really sing. But my spirit leads me to believe that she must have had some hidden singing genes somewhere. Otherwise I wouldn't be singing with my colleague dancing in exasperation and having our faces appearing on the front.

And that's myself some million years back before the big bang.

And some Chinese New Year snaps.


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