Monday, October 01, 2007


I've finally moved to my new home!

But if you are to ask me, I would honestly tell you that I'm already experiencing a great nostalgia for my old place. I guess it's all about adaptation, though I'm not exactly comfortable at this moment. I wish I have more nomadic blood than this.

I still miss the old route that fetched me from the bus-stop to the very doorstep of my old home. I still miss the very sound of running water by the swimming pool. And strangely enough, I miss the apathetic gander of the grey-haired security guard who resided daily in his little hut.

my close to forsaken home

I'm so emo. Somebody pinch me!

the new place ;D

And Saturday night was ON DA MOVE! with Ping's mini school bus.

PS: Ping, we still love you even without the wheels! Hah.

And today is special - not just because it is Children's Day! But that someone actually gave me a Children's Day card.

gee, i looked darn fat in this pic!

1177155U. Have you figured that out?

I MISS U. Oh you violent twit! BISH.


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