Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I feel inspired by the girlfriend to blog about something mundane, yet something more personal, basically something more than just photographs that serve to consume bandwidth. But then again, you're probably hooked up on an unlimited bandwidth broadband plan so that shouldn't bother you anyway.

But not right here in Australia! Hah. Watching a couple of videos on YOUTUBE would cost about 50 cents. Though most residential broadband plans here typically enforce a 5GB downstream cap monthly. So it's really a BIG challenge for a heavy consumer like myself to survive here. But I'm doing just fine, if you have to know!

Anyway, the Australian dollar has taken a deep dive recently. So it's high time to buy some Aussie currency and then sell when the value goes up again. Just before I left for studies sometime during June, it cost SGD 1.30 for an Australian dollar. Now, it's pretty much on par. In fact, the exchange rate is SGD 0.95 for an Australian dollar! Wheeee!

Meng, Tiff and myself went to One-World restaurant for dinner today! Basically, this restaurant serves FREE and pretty decent Chinese food!

Why is it FREE? According to the owner, the ONE-WORLD restaurant promotes vegetarianism in response to Global Warming. But that's not all. Apparently, this has something to do with a new-age movement pioneered by a Supreme Master. Sounds like a cult is operating here. But who cares as long as the food is free and yummy?! Hah. I've got many other friends who patronize ONE-WORLD too. So that doesn't make me the only cheapskate. And now, I can finally rebut the notion that food doesn't come for free. Oh yes, it does!


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