Wednesday, July 23, 2008


A BIG thank you to everyone who came to dine at Sakae!

I have a wonderful time having you guys around. Your presence tonight has been a great encouragement to me. Now, it makes leaving singapore so much harder!

Here are 10 things that I will miss in singapore ..
  1. Chilling out with the notorious partners-in-crime
  2. Playing the guitar for cell group
  3. Listening to Miranda's preaching
  4. Attending Saturday service with everyone
  5. Having Pastor Kong/Tan inspires me
  6. Having meals together at BEST coffee house
  7. Walking Charlene back home
  8. Talking to Charlene on the phone
  9. Meeting Charlene for random movies
  10. Pacifying Charlene when she's annoying
It feels so humane and sometimes even natural to take things for granted. Like the people we meet in our mundane life. When I come to realise that I won't be joining my cell for meeting this weekend, I feel a sudden strange discomfort that stirs up within me. But I reckon that it's just natural to feel like that. I mean, who wouldn't?

On a lighter note, Daniel was baptized last week! Here're the photos!

The photo collage plastered at Frontier Community Centre (next to Jurong Point). We had the privilege to be part of this nationalistic movement! Hah!

But a great pity I'll have to give this year's national parade a miss!


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